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Let's do an ask -you- anything!

on 5 March 2021 at 10:17:26 MST

We always do the AMA in august, so i thought what the flop, why not turn it around. Sure, february would probably be the more fitting month with it being the exact opposite of august, but unfortunately i dont have a time machine yet.

So, should be pretty simple, instead of me answering questions, it'll be your turn to shed some light onto some things i wondered about you and the others who follow my stuff.
Of course many of these can just be answered either yes or no or simple a picture title, but do feel free to elaborate a bit if you like.

  1. How long have you been following or been aware of my artwork?

  2. What was the first picture you saw of mine? (and if it isn't the same one, which picture made you decide to follow me?)

  3. What is your favourite picture of mine?

  4. Was Nomax (the character) ever part of any of your sexual fantasies? insert eyes emoji

  5. Has any of my art ever caused action beyond just looking at- and faving it? What i mean by that is like perhaps you got the artists of the amazon book because of that ant picture, perhaps you decided to support a painted dog conservation, or some painting simply made you hop onto wikipedia to dig a little deeper into something.

  6. Has my art ever been helpful to your own artistic journey? (As a study, or my patreon etc.)

  7. Was it perhaps even the cause of you starting to paint?!

  8. Painted Dogs or hyenas?

  9. What do you -dislike- the most about my art? ( No need to be shy. I'm very skilled at crying myself to sleep.)

  10. Make one suggestion to the character design of Nomax.

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    your art is so aswome

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      Thank you very much :)

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    Great work buddy!

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      Thank you very much!

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    Wow! Your gallery is beautiful! Seeing your stuff leaves !e speechless!

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      Thank you! Hopefully it's not a lasting affliction though :D

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    Awesome Gallery you have here

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      Thank you, and for the comment on the picture as well :)