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Hey my name is Vivid and I am a college student who likes to draw and paint in my spare time. Nature and renaissance artists are a big inspiration to me. I am always trying to improve my work, so constructive criticism is a big help. If you want to comment I will be happy to respond.

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Art booklet?

Made on November 27, 2021.

Lately I've been looking at my Etsy shop and fooling around with the idea of remaking another physical Art comic. The comic would show some of my work from 2010 to 2021. I'm not sure if there is enough interest in my booklet, maybe I'm wrong. I would improve upon the previous by having dates, a better cover, maybe some descriptions and more art. I guess I'm looking to see if anyone is interested before I begin remaking the art comic for cyber Monday or later.

Thanks for reading,

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    A little belated, but thanks for the follow! :)

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      Yeah no problem, also like your comic. Still wondering what's going to happen to the characters.

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    Thanks OdddinO for the comment, I really appreciate it. I based my wolf character on a Disney style. I'll be making more works soon too.

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      Awwhie 'n' go-gosh sweetie-lad, you're verily well wealths of welcome, etc. :)

      • I wish I'd been as honest and brave as you, in my mirthsome youngling years, as to've so too drawn furries in art class', etcetera; ~I was a li'l worried to be fur-outed back 'en, ahaha..! ^^#;
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    ( I ) Caught and catched-a viewin' of your works awhile back, (on the foremost front-page'd of ours Weasyl, etc.), and was well drawn into the dawning beauty of your traditional-ly talented portfolios pertained t\herein! C: I didn't at-the-time, tbh, even have 'r had an Weasyl'ing account yet t\hereof such, [...] buuut, made one justa li'l tad bits while ago, just so that I simply could +follow ya better, you woof cutie yo'. ^^