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I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy making it.
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    Thanks OdddinO for the comment, I really appreciate it. I based my wolf character on a Disney style. I'll be making more works soon too.

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      Awwhie 'n' go-gosh sweetie-lad, you're verily well wealths of welcome, etc. :)

      • I wish I'd been as honest and brave as you, in my mirthsome youngling years, as to've so too drawn furries in art class', etcetera; ~I was a li'l worried to be fur-outed back 'en, ahaha..! ^^#;
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    ( I ) Caught and catched-a viewin' of your works awhile back, (on the foremost front-page'd of ours Weasyl, etc.), and was well drawn into the dawning beauty of your traditional-ly talented portfolios pertained t\herein! C: I didn't at-the-time, tbh, even have 'r had an Weasyl'ing account yet t\hereof such, [...] buuut, made one justa li'l tad bits while ago, just so that I simply could +follow ya better, you woof cutie yo'. ^^