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Time for Weasyl!

on 2 May 2014 at 10:59:18 MDT

Hey peeps, going to be uploading some work from my DA&FA on here in a bit, but not everything as some of it is pretty old! I'll be going to upload new stuff on here from now on anyway :-).

Here are my other galleries at Furaffinity & DeviantArt!

Guess that's everything!

Edit- Ok that's all for now, turned out to be pretty painless :-)! I'll hopefully get some new work up here soon!

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    Your Art Is Completely Stunning 🤩 Great Job 👏

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    You can't imagine what joy it brings to see your follow pop up everywhere. I'm truly honoured! Also you don't hapen to have a gumroad or something along those lines to get access to a PSD or progress shots or anything like that? I'd love to get a chance to get a more thorough look at how you approach your paintings.

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      Ah the pleasure is mine :¬)! As for PSD/wip files, I haven't made anything like that available but may do in the future. I'd like to clean my process up before then as it's very laborious and about as elegant as a potato! If you have discord I'd be happy to talk art on there with you, give me a note if ya fancy that. Happy new year for now!

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    Wow! Gorgeous gallery. Surprised I wasn't following you sooner!

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      Thanks man I'm glad you like my stuff :¬)

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    Absolutely exquisite work!! I am in awe ;_;

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      That means alot, thank you for saying so (´∀`)!

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    Your artwork is so gorgeous!