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Hello, MapleSmoke here (you can call me Maple),

I'm not a professional artist, but I love to draw. My current aim is to improve my skills with traditional media and learn how to create art using a tablet.

My interests include biology (esp. zoology & anatomy), psychology, reading, and pokemon.

Latest Journal

2019 thoughts so far

So, it's 2k19.

For one, we're heading into year of the pig. Last year was ok, but I'm glad that's over. Some of my resolutions are:

  1. To rest my arms more from drawing
  2. To catch spiders if in the house and release them instead of killing them

Regarding furry stuff, I don't talk to other furries much since I'm content with lurking. But I do want to draw more anthro things. I don't always nail the spectrum between feral and humanoid. I have too many (largely) unused ocs and will make more, I'm sure. As for fursona, I don't have a ref sheet but a pangolin seems close enough for me.

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    Great gallery!

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    Thank you for the follow back, I appreciate it :).