Hello, MapleSmoke here (you can call me Maple),

I'm not a professional artist, but I love to draw. My current aim is to improve my skills with traditional media and learn how to create art using a tablet.

My interests include biology (esp. zoology & anatomy), psychology, reading, and pokemon.

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Midyear blues

on 15 June 2019 at 21:13:48 MDT

I'm still here.

My scanner broke a few months ago so I haven't had access to one. I still make digital art but not as frequently as I used to, since it's a strain on my arms. As for my resolutions, I've been doing ok but then again, I set the bar pretty low. I've taken most spiders I've encountered outside, instead of just squishing them. My arms don't hurt as much since I don't make artwork as frequently.

So yeah, I'm just checking in. Still alive and breathing.

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    Great gallery!

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    Thank you for the follow back, I appreciate it :).