Hi there! My name is Jennifer but you can also call me "Nambroth", which is a nickname/pseudonym I've had online forever (how time flies!). I love to draw and paint wildlife and fantasy critters like dragons and gryphons (I'm in the camp of "slap wings on it and I'm happy"), but also wildlife... especially birds! When I'm not pushing paint around, I am usually exploring the woods around my home and getting excited about moss, or chillin' with my many parrots and my chickens.

I don't want to spam with old art, so if you are looking for anything less recent than 2012, please feel free to browse my DeviantArt Gallery:

I also have a personal website:

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Birds are cool, but where's the other stuff?

on 6 June 2017 at 09:07:18 MDT

Just a quick note, for those that have been following me over the years!

I've had a few people ask if I am ONLY painting wildlife art / birds now. The short answer is: NO! There will be more fantasy art!

The long answer is: I have some health issues, and problems with my hand(s) most directly impact my art making. Digital art has especially been hard to work at for any extended period of time. I have started teaching myself how to oil paint this year as the looser style makes it easier to cope with. In this transition time, I am painting a lot of birds / wildlife as I get a feel for things and as learning aids. I will absolutely continue making fantasy art too (dragons, gryphons, and more... oh my!) as I gain a bit more confidence in this medium over time. If you are watching for the fantasy art, I appreciate it, and I thank you very much for your patience with me as I learn the best methods for my psychical and mental well-being! In the interim, I invite you to enjoy my new oil paintings, with the promise of more fantasy critters to come.

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Published Freelance

Freelance for publication (book covers, etc)
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Realistic Avian Masks

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Wildlife Art Commissions

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For published freelance work, please contact me directly via email.

I am willing to accept 2-3 avian mask commissions per year.
I am only accepting avian masks at this time, and/or possibly feathered dinosaurs/dragons. I am limited by the necessity of having a resin blank cast by other artists as I cannot currently cast resin in my home setting. I offer discounts for free reign.

I also take a limited number of wildlife art commissions per year, in Acrylic or Digital format. I offer discounts for free reign, and also for fun subject matter (birds, chickens, etc).


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    I used to follow you on deviantart. GOSH. I am so glad to find you here <3