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on 29 May 2017 at 16:08:15 MDT

Just a brief note that I am now on! I don't actually expect much from it, but I figured there was no harm. :) Please do not feel obligated, but you can also see my work in my gallery there! Donations are not expected, but so so very appreciated. <3 Everything goes to art supplies and bills to keep me going!

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    What color pencils do you use, I really like your recent color pencil stuff, and I am trying to get better at using what I have, which is Prismas, but they are literally driving me up the wall with how often they break and fail.

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      Thank you so much! I actually have been using prismacolors too, though I'd like to give other brands a try. They do tend to be fragile, and the pigment can break internally easily if dropped even the slightest height. If you find a pencil keeps inexplicably breaking it's likely shattered inside, which is always annoying. Only real advice I can give is to keep your working ones as sharp as possible, and layer colors for a burnished effect.

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        Which I have been doing, so....not much different than I discovered. though I am trying to find a good sharpener that gives a longer point, but not as long as the KUM long point.

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      Yooo! <3

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        collecting watches here too?

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    FLOWER DRGN spotted and admired.

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      Surely this must be a mirror dragon cause ADMIRED BACK oh noes.