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Florist flower dragon who enjoys glassblowing and FIRE!

I'm super shy, but please feel free to say hello.



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Kickstarter: Fully Funded!

Two weeks left on the dragon scroll kickstarter, guys!! We are totally funded AND have breached one stretch goal! Please head over and pledge if you like, you can now choose between TWO designs (or both!). I'm really excited to have these made and shipped out. They will unfortunately not be made available for regular purchase online until late this year or early next, so this and MFF will be your only chances to get one for a while!


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    There is a lot of fantastic work here in your gallery.

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      Thank you so much!!

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    I adore your style! o.o

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      Thank you so much for saying so! <3

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    Your ink pieces are my favorite!

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      Thank you so much!! I love making them, so I'm happy you enjoy them!

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    What color pencils do you use, I really like your recent color pencil stuff, and I am trying to get better at using what I have, which is Prismas, but they are literally driving me up the wall with how often they break and fail.

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      Thank you so much! I actually have been using prismacolors too, though I'd like to give other brands a try. They do tend to be fragile, and the pigment can break internally easily if dropped even the slightest height. If you find a pencil keeps inexplicably breaking it's likely shattered inside, which is always annoying. Only real advice I can give is to keep your working ones as sharp as possible, and layer colors for a burnished effect.