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Daily Gryphon Challenge FAQ


So for some days now I've been posting Gryphons and now I guess I should write a journal about people tend to ask me some questions repeadly:

Can I suggest you a Gryphon to draw? YES, you may suggest a Gryphon. Just throw your idea at me. Not any idea will be drawn but those who catch my interest. Just write a comment under any gryphon pic, this journal or write a Private Message. =)

What do you prefer to be suggested? Anything what haven't been drawn yet. I don't want to draw any species twice. Example: First picture is the classe bald eagle& lion mix. So don't bother about lions or bald eagles anymore. Others are still okay like mountain lions or pallas's fish eagle but not that particular species anymore, okay?

Is it possible to commission you for a daily Gryphon? No. It's my way to relax and release stress. So I wanna have fun with it instead of worrying for a quality standart because somebody is paying for it. =(

Do you take Tips? o_o First: I can't believe some people want to give me money for something what isn't even meant for them. But daaaamn that's very kind of you. Shows me you really like my gryphons and that's neat. Thank you!
Just ask for my Paypal and I gonna send the adress to you.

(if you made a suggestion for the challenge - it doesn't make it more likely to be choosen. Sorry D= That would be like... taking comissions, which I don't do. )

Can I join the challenge? You are welcome dearly to download this layout and do your own gryphons for a month. It doesn't have to be this month... or next.. or this year. Feel free to do it whenever you feel like it. Here ya go:

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    Irgendwie hab ich übersehen, das du von FA weg bist...
    Und es ist mir eben erst aufgefallen. -..-

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    Truly really love your art. I followed you on DA and one day I wanna commission you.

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    squeak :D fancy finding you here!

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    Aaah everything here is wonderful

    Und ich bin in Oktober Deutsch lernen begonnen. Veilleicht lerne ich etwas von deine Seite!

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      Aw thanks

      Viel deutsch schreibe ich hier nicht aber du kannst deutsch kommentieren und ich schreibe dir zurück damit du üben kannst, okay?

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    Hallöchen :)
    Hab die Galerie gerade erst für mich entdeckt und finds toll, dich hier auch zu finden. ^^
    Wirst gleich mal gestalkt.

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      Heyho ^-^/ Wusste nicht, dass du auch hier bist, da stalke ich mal gleich zurück!

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    thanks for the return follow :>