Hey, welcome to my little corner of Weasyl.

I've been around the interwebs for at least twelve years now. Some know me as Black Fox, others just as Jaxx. And yes, I'm female.

I draw stuff sometimes. Varied styles and techniques, semi-realism to 'toony, digital as well as traditional media. Varied subjects including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anthropomorphic, and pet portraiture mostly. I'm also into Photography, though I'm not sure how much of that I'll bother posting...

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I'm still around!

on 18 June 2016 at 21:42:47 MDT

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here. Holy cow.

The past year has been pretty nuts. My dog had three surgeries in six months. I started working two jobs, pretty much full time six days a week. My Grandmother died. And most recently, my 15 year old art rig bought the farm. So yeah, things have been getting in the way when it comes to me keeping up with all my online galleries. I'm still around though. Skulking in the shadows, watching everyone else makin' art and having a good ol' time. Which is fine. I don't mind. I just hope one day soon I can get back into making art for myself, I really miss it. Working is great 'n all but doesn't leave much time for being creative... :P

Hope everyone is doing well. ~ttfn!

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    omgosh I found you aaaa

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    Stoked to see the final product of my comm:) Hope your doing well:)

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      I've been better.
      Your image is completed... I'll be emailing you shortly.

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        Sorry Your down Ive been struggling with depression myself tough to pull out of. Im hoping for spring to help push me out of funk mode.

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    Oh man! Can't believe i missed that you were on weasyl! Watched!

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    Big fan of your work Jaxx. definitely re-following!

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    You were quite an inspiration when I was a younger artist, and still an artist whom I greatly admire now. Thank you so much for the follow back! I am honored. :>