Please note that I do not have time to chat much (but will try to answer work or art related questions as best I can but not guaranteed) and I will not answer notes that just say "Hi" or similar. Thank you for understanding :)


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Please note that I'm taken, I do not RP and I work -a lot- so I'm not always here regularly to chat.

Just because I draw NSFW art does not mean role playing yourself into the image, divulging personal information in the comments or generally being creepy is warranted. Keep it to yourself! (Comments like "I really like how you drew [Insert specific anatomy]" or similar is fine.)

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LAST DAY of CozyCon Online - SALES!

on 16 May 2021 at 10:29:56 MDT

Last day of CozyCon Online is here! No stream today but you can still get 20-50% off Etsy and Gumroad which has stickers, zines/books, blacklight reactive charms, badges, magnets, high res art bundles and much more! This includes Canvas Swap Zine content as well! (Check thread fo details!)

Some items only have a few left in stock and wont be re-ordered and some have partial proceeds going to charity!

Use code "CCO2021" for 20-50% off your entire order on

Check out all the info and schedules at

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Full Commission Price Sheet in info!

Full Commission Price Sheet in info!
C$ 10.00

Commission prices, TOS and form available at

(Updated Jan 6, 2021. Please always check for most up to date information)


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    I’m gonna do the friend thing—friend thing is the only way to message me. Since I got bullied at FA, I set messages to friends only. XD

    I cannot even read that last response on my phone, so I’ll get to that on Monday when I’m back to work. So friend me back! :)

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      I'm sorry that happened! D:

      And done! :D

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        I like Weasyl better anyways. It may not be as “busy” as FA and there are people from there I miss, but I feel happier and less stressed on this site. Plus folders. I love those. :)

        Thanks! It makes me happy to make new friends! :D

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          FA has folders now too but i totally get you. FA is the biggest furry site as far as i know (?) and it can get pretty crazy with so many folks there.

          Same! I'm very happy we started talking ^_^

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            I heard about that—amongst one of the many updates to the site. I remember struggling trying to figure out how to avoid the blinding cornflower blue when I switched to see NSFW art, I thought I’d go blind until someone told me how to change it back to dark, they made settings way too tricky over there. laughs

            Yeah! :D

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              Yeah it's really not all that user friendly though since I'm still there, I appreciate the effort. XD (Dark mode was amazing to get. I've realize there are browser apps and such that can do that though it's not as clean as an actual theme, but since some sites still don't have a dark mode, it helps a lot.)

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                Maybe one day it’ll be a good site—for users and for people to more pleasantly socialize on. I hope anyways. It was my first art site and furry site and I enjoyed most of my time there—there just wasn’t a way to avoid bullies once they targeted you, because of the block limit and people very easily able to make new accounts. I like the friend feature here and the ignore option is better than a limited block feature. :)

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                  Moving to PMs! This is gunna get nested so small as we go lol!