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from $ 25.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Color, Line Drawing

Base price includes only one character with a simple background. Categories with a price range denote flexible prices for character and/or background detail complexity.

I have characters of my own that can be included within a picture, upon request. Using one of my characters will spot you a $5 discount off of the total price of the commission on the grounds that I am more familiar with my own characters.

Simple backgrounds are free (and are usually only one color).

I am by no means the fastest artist when it comes to completion times. I put a lot of time into my work so it take time for a product to emerge. Keep in mind that I may get sick or have a life beyond what I upload here. I'm not always able to work around the clock as I would like to.

I will draw most things and am open to a variety of things. However, I do not do most extreme fetishes (like micro/macro, water sports and scat to name a few). If you have questions, ask please.

I currently only accept Paypal.

from $ 5.00 to $ 8.00
Types Available: Pixel Commission
from $ 5.00 to $ 200.00
Types Available: 1 - Conbadges, 2 - YCH (Customizeable Templates), 3 - Buttons, 4 - Icons, 5 - Portraits
No description provided
from $ 10.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Busts, Full Body

please read my TOS before commissioning: TOS

all prices calculated on a $10 hour wage.

--example pages of commissions--

from $ 10.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Color Pics, Sketches

Pencil Sketch: Simple pencil sketch. Add $2.50 per additional character. All ratings available.

Themed Sketch Page: Page of 4 to 6 smaller sketches based on a set theme. Requires artistic freedom to complete, but it is an excellent opportunity for some quick art on a theme. All ratings available.

AF Pinups: "Artistic Freedom" Pinup. You provide me with a couple of simple guidelines (for example, an outfit suggestion or a desired weapon or vehicle) and I work up an image from that. No WiPs available with this option. General and Mature ratings only. Add $5 per additional character.

Simple Color Pic: Standard color pic. WiPs are available with this option. Simple background available on request for no additional charge. All ratings available. Add $5 per additional character.

Themed Color Page: Colored version of the Themed Sketch Page. 3 to 5 simple pics per page. All ratings available.

from $ 5.00 to $ 32.00
Types Available: digital badge, flat color, icon, line art, Ref sheet, shaded, sketch, Traditinal Badge
from $ 5.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Story Commissions

I am offering short story commissions for any genre, any rating.

They will range from 1K words to 8K words, depending on how long your story ends up.

Pricing is based on how long your story is, rounded up to the nearest 1K words. The rate is $5.00 USD for every 1K words. If you would like your story to be kept private, there will be a $2.00 USD charge; this is for compensation because my only means of promotion right now is through sharing my own work.

Payment is due after completion of the first draft.

There are some fetishes that I WILL NOT write about. Please see this page on my writing blog for more info on that and more.

Please send me a note if you want a commission, or if you have any questions!

Please see my trello for commission progress.

As a final note: I have more of a chance to work on commissions during the weekends rather than during the week!

from $ 50.00
Types Available: 3DA

I will create your character in stunning 3D and present them in a beautiful final image. The price starts at $40 and depending on the complexity of your character it will either increase or stay at base price. If I like your character enough though I may even go cheaper.

from $ 35.00 to $ 65.00
Types Available: Digital Art

Prices given are for moderate to high levels of detail. If you want something really extravagant, and time consuming, let me know and I can work out better prices with you. I could go lower for especially simple characters, or partial views.

Add 50% to the price for every additional character, assuming they're interacting in some way.

Backgrounds start at $5 for simple nature backgrounds but can go up the more complicated and time intensive the background is.

If I'm not currently open for commissions, you can claim a slot for double the normal price. Otherwise, I must ask that you wait until I post a journal announcing that commissions are open.

from $ 10.00 to $ 90.00
Types Available: Badges, Digital Commissions

Prices will vary based on complexity of the subject/how much of the body you want shown/etc. Additional charges for full digital commissions are as follows:

Per extra character: +$5 (sketch, lineart), +$10 (flat color, cel shading), +$15 (pencil-style colors)

For pencil-style lineart: +$5 (lineart, flat color, cel shading; included by default in pencil-style color commissions)

For backgrounds: +$20 or more (cel shading), +$25 or more (pencil-style colors)

from $ 5.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Chibi, Colored, Line-art, Reference, Shaded, Sketch
----❤━━━━━━━━━━━❤ - My T.O.S - ❤━━━━━━━━━━━❤----
…▂▃▅▆▇---Thinking of commissioning me?---█▇▆▅▃▂…
◇ Please make sure everything is thoroughly explained. English is not my native tongue so some thing can get lost in translation.
◇ I will ask as many questions as I deem needed to be able to draw for you and make it to your wishes.
◇ I will only work off of references (for those who commission me for a refsheet with written reference I will make an exception).
◇ Payment is through paypal ONLY and has to be fully upfront unless agreed otherwise.
◇ I provide NO wips without payment.
◇No refunds unless otherwise agreed (only applicable when:)
-I fail to do/finish your piece. This is only when I can’t deliver.
-You cancel and i have not yet started on lineart.

…▂▃▅▆▇---What I do/don’t draw---█▇▆▅▃▂…
✔━━━━━━━━━━━Do’s━━━━━━━━━━━ ✔
● tasteful nudity
● erotic themes
● males
● females
● herms
● femboys

●copywrited characters

…▂▃▅▆▇---Extra notes---█▇▆▅▃▂…
◇You can upload any art I do for you with proper credit given of course.
◇I try to complete your piece in a timely fashion (max31days) though life happens. I am a mommycat so my daughter will always come first and I hope by commissioning me you understand that.i will always keep you in the loop, yet should you feel the need to inquire about your art you can freely note me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All of the artwork I make is my own and belongs to me.
may belong to a third party or commissioner, so please be considerate when linking my artwork anywhere . Don’t forget to ASK the commissioner(owner of the character) for permission if you are not sure if you can share an image.
That being said, if you commissioned me, you are ofcourse more than welcome to post it anywhere on a blog, social media page, or print out a copy for your personal pleasure(though personal use only). However you must provide a LINK to my FurAffinity account when sharing online anywhere.

…▂▃▅▆▇---What you can/cannot do---█▇▆▅▃▂…

You can not, under any circumstance, use any art I make for promotional purposes or resell/reprint my art in any way without my expressed permission and/or additional payment compensation for usage. Just so we are clear,
-selling it
-using it on any material goods
-on any advertisement media
will make me have to take actions. If you ever need to inquire, please get to me on my Furaffinity page.
If you wish to use your commissioned artwork in any of these occasions, contact me directly on my social media to work the details.

…▂▃▅▆▇---ART TIMELINE/DUE DATES/WIPS---█▇▆▅▃▂…
◇IF you have a deadline, I MUST be notified when you are ordering.
◇If you need the art quickly, you may pay a $50 rush fee to place the art in the front of the que.
◇Once you have approved of the WIP, changes may not be made to the drawing. Make sure it is what you want before giving the "OK"!

Thank you for reading!

▟ ━━━━━━━━━━━Where to find me if you need to reach me outside of Fa━━━━━━━━━━━ ▙

from $ 5.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Commission Artwork, Commission Others, Commission Sketches, Transformation/Muscle Growth Comics

$5.00 more for any additional characters on all artworks/comics

Contact Information

if you like to commissioned me for one or more send me a note here or e-mail me here ( ) to set one up.


I only take PayPal for now but if you don't have PayPal I will take a check

through the mail but you have to ask me for the address but I do prefer using PayPal.

I prefer to get pay about $5 or half of the asking price as a start up feed before I start the commission and get pay the rest before I send the finish commission to you.

Quick Note: I'm pretty much open on doing all kind of theme but I don't do hard core adult/porn commissions, nudity is all right as long if is in good taste

Price not declared
Types Available: Nerf / Dart Gun / Super Soaker Mods, Perler Beads

Custom perler bead item price varies upon size and complexity.

Nerf Gun Mods -

Nerf guns unless otherwise wanted will be in working order at the time of shipping. Mods are to be chosen by YOU! Custom paint jobs and decals figured into the price.

--Mods Available--

-Spring work- Adds power to the guns shots letting you shoot farther

-Air restriction removal - Takes out the Ar's can add more power to shots but accuracy will go down

-Russian Roulette Mod - Allows cylinder to open more for faster reload

-Cylinder drop out- Allows you to take the cylinder out of the gun for reload or swap out and slide back in.

-Skeleton Cylinder- Cosmetic mod to the cylinder for a more rugged look

-Extra magazines- Extras can be painted and shipped with the rifle cost will depend on number of Magazines you wish extra.

-Optional parts- Optional parts like scopes if not standard to the gun cost extra.

from $ 8.00
Types Available: Fullbody

Colored full-body commission. The image price may change based on complexity of character.

from $ 2.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Sketches

1 usd + for added characters

2 usd for colors

2 usd for simple background
4 usd for complex backgrund

from $ 7.00 to $ 10.00
Types Available: Icon
No description provided
from € 18.00 (Approx. $ 21.27)
Types Available: Full Color
No description provided
from $ 15.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Art Slave Stream, Stream Comms

╭━━━━COMMISSION INFO━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

I only take commissions live during streams
this can either be done via a raffle in a regular stream
or by pre-booking a set amount of hours with me for an Art-Slave Stream


╭━━━━COMMISSION LINKS━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

Fill out the respective form if you are after a commission or slave stream


from $ 25.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Sketch Commissions!

Additional details and active commissions queue here:

from C$ 53.00 to C$ 265.00 (Approx. $ 42.42 to $ 212.10)
Types Available: Badge, Fullbody, Sketch

Please see this submission image for prices and info:

from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Colored, Icons, Lineart, Sketches
No description provided
from $ 23.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Drawing Commissions

Sometimes I'm open for commissions and stuff. I hope you like what I have to offer and that my prices are reasonable. Happy shopping!

from $ 20.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Badge, Comics, Inked, Reference sheet, Sketches, Standard


Will and won'ts


I may add more

gore/ extreme vore (candy gore in certain times)

bodily fluids/ bowel movements in relation to scat/ vomit/ gas

Watersports is a case by case basis

Nipple penetration

Bellybutton penetration

inflation (sorry, I just don’t enjoy doing it)

Slob fetish art: stinky feet, armpits, ass, ext

adult-baby themes such as diapers, children's clothing, ect.



Extreme pregnancy related fetishes, extreme amount of eggs, parasitic pregnancy fetishes

Extreme hyper (if your characters dingus or whatnot is bigger than their body that’s a no go)

Horror porn (disfigured, horrifying monsters are a no)

Prolapsing of any kind

Ballbusting (abuse is okay but nothing being cut or popped)


Monsters (werewolf, vampire, mythical creatures) ✔✔✔

Size difference ✔✔✔✔

Slice of life✔✔✔✔

Tasteful nudes✔


Fan service✔


Candy gore

Hyper lite ✔✔✔


Feral dragons, mythical creatures ✔✔✔





Oral ✔✔✔✔

Twincest/sibling incest


Fictional rape✔

Price not declared
Types Available: Illustration, Scientific Illustration
  • Paypal only
  • Payment beforehand
  • Prices for illustrations of personal use only, for commercial use contact me

The Illustrations are made digitally and sent as JPG file
The image size is around 3000x2000, let me know if you need it bigger

from $ 10.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Commissions

My current price guide, TOS and information can be found here at

If there are any further questions feel free to note me!

Price not declared
Types Available: Colored, Sketches

For commission inquiries, please send email to mosa at mooncatart dot com.

from $ 2060.00
Types Available: Commissions


from $ 7.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Detailed stylization fullbody, Detailed stylization headshot, Detailed stylization scene illustration, Shading fullbody, Shading headshot, Shading scene illustration, Simple stylization fullbody, Simple stylization headshot, Simple stylization scene

Check my ToS, please!

Price-list and examples:

from $ 15.00
Types Available: Digital Art - Sketches, Illustrations, Reference Sheets
from $ 20.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Badge

TOS and all info here:

Items subject to price changes.