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from $ 25.00
Types Available: Full Body Shaded Piece

Multiple characters, backgrounds, etc may come at an additional price. Please message me for an exact quote.

from $ 25.00 to $ 220.00
Types Available: Leathercraft

My Terms of Service

All base prices are for plain single strap pieces (collars and shackle cuffs are 2layer) in chosen premade colors. Sewn lines, tooling, beads, additional layers, and custom-made colors are extra and added to the base price based upon complexity.

For Collars and Shackle Cuffs
+$20 to add Braids to top strap.
+$30 to add Filigree designs to top strap.
+$15 to add rabbit fur lining in chosen natural tones (Variation will occur due to real fur)
+$40 to add leather lining from offered selection (main colors being black and cream)

from $ 5.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Badges, Digital, Inks, Sketches, Telegram Stickers

Paper Craft Badges - Multiple layers of colored card stock cut and then glued together to create an image. For examples, please look in the papercraft folder under my submissions.
-This is a base price. The medium does not allow for much complexity. Additional cost based on colors and number of layers.

Digital - Price varies based on the type and style of the work and the time it will take to complete. Some digital items can be done in an hour or two, some take 10+ hours to complete.

Digital Color - An inked work that has been digitally colored. Price depends upon the piece being colored and the detail of the coloring.

Inked Work - A sketch is done and approved before being transferred to bristol board and inked with india ink pens.
-This is a base price. Backgrounds, multiple figure and complex compositions are extra.

Pencil Sketches - basic pencil sketches with no special materials used.
-This is a base price. Vague/simple backgrounds are included in this price. Complex background, multiple figures, and complex compositions are extra.

Inked Sketches - basic pencils sketches inked over with india ink pens. No special materials or additional effort expended to transfer or clean the image.
-This is a base price. Backgrounds, multiple figure and complex compositions are extra.

Telegram Stickers - One Telegram Sticker, pretty straight forward.

from $ 5.00
Types Available: Headshot

~Comes fully colored
~Simple background is free if requested
~Extra character $1.50/150:points:

from € 18.00 (Approx. $ 20.52)
Types Available: Full Color
No description provided
from £ 3.00 to £ 10.00 (Approx. $ 3.88 to $ 12.94)
Types Available: Animated Gif, Fullbody, Halfbody, Headshot, Lineart, Pixel Animation

What I can draw: humans, kemonomimis, furries, animals, fantasy creatures
What I can't draw: too much detail, vehicles, houses, weapons, robots, muscular characters, anything uncute
What I refuse to draw: gore, nudity, anything naughty, fetishes, anything offensive

Other stuff you gotta know:
Be nice! I will refuse if you're mean and picky!
Please pay me first. Sorry but I don't wanna risk being scammed.. :< This isn't a request remember! Don't worry, you'll be refunded if I'm unable to.
Please send a picture of your character! The best picture that describes them most.
Once I've already started on the drawing, you can't just suddenly change your mind and say you don't want to. Once I've started, I've started! So no timewasters please!
Be patient! I'm super new to commissioning and I don't like hurrying. Let me take my time or the work may come out worse than expected!
Feel free to suggest a pose and expression! And please explain clearly as I'm easily confused... ^-^;
I have a cartoonime artstyle so expect all results to be super kawaii! ^w^
If you've noticed any mistakes, please lemme know! I'll fix em up! :3
If you don't like your result, I'm sorry but I simply cannot refund you! D: If it's already been drawn then you just gotta accept it. I'm sorry if you don't like, I've tried my very best okay.. ;^;

If ya have any questions, just sayyy! If you know somebody that wants to commission for something cute, I'll be just perfect! :> I've never started commissions before but hopefully this'll help me save up for a house and my hopes and dreams! ^w^
Thanks for reading! :D

from $ 20.00 to $ 200.00
Types Available: Character

Payment only after work done and commissioner satisfied, due to erratic physical condition of artist. I have an incurable medical condition so please bear this in mind. Please do not pay in advance.

Via PayPal, account name given when payment is being arranged.

from $ 20.00
Types Available: custom action figures

I will make a custom action figure of a character you want, be it official or fan made. I have a pretty long queue, but you can get ahead of most of it by send me a base toy in the mail. Keep in mind you have to reimburse me the original cost of the toy as part of the commission

for convenience, I have an e-mail just for commissioning,

from $ 25.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Sketch Commissions!

Additional details and active commissions queue here:

from $ 15.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Character Sheet, Digital Color, Flat Colors, Linework, Sketch

1.) To purchase a commission, send me a note or an email at
2.) BE SPECIFIC. I can't emphasize that enough. Concept is probably the hardest part of drawing a picture, and it saves me a lot of stress when I actually have some instructions. Any instructions of "do whatever," will be force to pay double.
3.) No scat or vore.
4.) I reserve the right to adjust prices as I feel are necessary. (refer rule #2)
5.) When the commission has been purchased, I will require half of the price upfront for security. This will not be refunded if you back out. You'll pay the other half when the commission is finished.

from $ 10.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half-Body, Head/Bust, Reference

Hello! Please read my TOS here:

Head Only / Bust
Price: USD $10.00 - $15.00
Subject's head, neck, and shoulders drawn at any angle.

Head and Torso
Price: USD $20.00 - $25.00
Subject's full frame drawn from the waistline up at any angle.

Full Body
Price: USD $30.00 - $40.00
Subject's entire body drawn in any non-pornographic pose at any angle.

Ref Sheet
Price: USD $80.00+
Two detailed, anatomically loyal full-body portraits of your character and a color palette, with added items to order.

+1 Bust - $5.00
+1 Torso - $15.00
+1 Full Body - $25.00

+Background - $10.00
Single-color or basic patterned backgrounds are free. Anything more detailed than that will cost the additional fee.

The easiest and quickest way to contact me is via Discord. Don't have one? Don't worry! I check all my accounts regularly, so I'm sure to see your message soon.

from C$ 5.00 to C$ 30.00 (Approx. $ 3.77 to $ 22.60)
Types Available: Flat Colour, Icon, Lineart, Shaded, Sketch

There are two different art styles being provided. A hard edged style and a more softer style. Please be clear which style you would like done.

ToS can be found >here<
[currently in progress]

from $ 20.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Drawing Commissions

Sometimes I'm open for commissions and stuff. I hope you like what I have to offer and that my prices are reasonable. Happy shopping!

from $ 40.00
Types Available: WGs

A extra with my job, but this barely get anywhere

from $ 10.00 to $ 90.00
Types Available: Inked Style, Painterly, Reference Sheet, Sketch Style
No description provided
from $ 20.00
Types Available: Digital Artwork

The full TOS can be found HERE.
My current queue can be found HERE.

from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00
Types Available: Bust, Chibi, Fullbody, Halfbody

I see other artists writing a small paragraph like this before the prices, so here we go.

-I will draw SFW and NSFW to a certain extent, but I'm not comfortable with a lot of fetishes. Just ask if in doubt, but I will not accept anything that I'm not comfortable with.
-I will ask for payment upfront, but I will update after every step (sketch, then inked, and then finished and colored)

from $ 0.35 to $ 45.50
Types Available: Anything visual and digital (per hour), Voice Acting (per minute)

Prices will be rounded to the nearest minute.

I'll do drawings, pixel art, 3D models, fractals, whatever.

Feel free to ask questions.

from $ 5.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half Body, Headshot

When you commission me, you agree to all of the following terms;

I reserve the right to refuse any commission request, for any reason.
Prices listed are subject to change based on complexity of the character/kink in question.
Clear visual references and/or descriptions of the commission idea must be provided, and then a quote will be given to you by me.
Payments $100 and under must be paid upfront and in full before work is to begin. Payments over $100 can be set up as a payment plan.
Unlimited small changes are allowed in the sketch phase. Only a max of 2 pose changes are allowed. After the line work has been done, only changed to the colors are allowed.
Private commissions are available, but they have a 20% fee.

List of Do's and Don't's;

I will draw females, males, and herms.
C-boys and herms with 'hyper' assets will be refused.
I will draw gay, straight, or lesbian couples, but I will not draw lesbian anthro/human couples.
Most any species is acceptable for me to draw, except insect species and MLP.
I will not draw futuristic things. This includes, but is not limited to mechs, space ships, and advanced technology.
I will not draw any kind of firearm.
I will draw natural pregnancy, NOT sexualized or hyper pregnancy.
I will draw natural gore, NOT sexualized gore. This includes kinks like candy gore.
I will draw light inflation. Large, unnatural bulges will be declined.
I will not draw prehensile clitoris'. This means I will not draw female sergals or any other female species that have these if they are having sex.
I will not draw watersports/scat/diaper.
I will draw baby furs/cubs, but NOT in sexual situations, or implied sexual situations.
I will not draw unbirth/any kind of vore.

When buying an Adopt from me, you agree to all of the following terms;

You may not resell the adopt for more than you purchased it for.
If you plan to resell the adopt, please let me know so that I may know who owns it.
When reselling the adopt, you must link the new owner to these rules.
Small design changes can be made, but nothing too drastic, like changing the species.
Refunds will not be offered for Adopts.

Payment, Refunds, and Other

Payment is made only through PayPal. I can either send you an invoice, or send you my link.

If you would like a refund, the amount you get back is determined by how much work is done;

If I have not started on your commission, you will get a full refund.
If I have finished the sketch of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a sketch commission costs. For example, if you requested a single character image, and I only finished the sketch and you wanted a refund, I will keep $10 of that commission, as that's the amount of work I put into the image. You will get the rest of the refund.
If I have finished the flat colors of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a flat color commission costs.
If I have finished the shading of the image, then you cannot get a refund.
If you issue a refund, then you will lose the rights to the image, and will not be able to post it anywhere. I will reuse the image for either personal art, or a YCH commission, changing the details to either match my characters, or make them into 'base' dragons so no characters are recognizable.

I also exhibit the right to refuse any commission, should I be uncomfortable with it.
Reposting and Editing
Images can be reposted so long as proper credit is given to me as the artist, and the owner of the characters is credited. Either the commissioner, or I can request you take down an image.
Art (c) Icy-Marth, characters (c) ***** is an acceptable method of credit.
Images I draw cannot be used for role playing by other people other than the commissioner.

Under no circumstance is an image I draw to be edited or altered by anyone other than the commissioner.
The commissioner is allowed to make avatars and/or banners out of the image, so long as credit is given.

from $ 5.00 to $ 115.00
Types Available: BACKGROUNDS for ALL COMMISSIONS (save for comics), Comic Commissions (priced per page, INCLUDES backgrounds, and +$30.00 USD if NSFW), Icon, NSFW Full Body +$25.00 USD per add. character, SFW Full Body +$20.00 USD per additional character, Waist-Up +$15.00 USD per additional character------+$10.00 USD for NSFW

---Commission Info/Guidelines-----

1.) You ask/submit for a commission either on this site via PM or you can email me at: squarerootofdestiny[at]

This is also my paypal account^ which I only accept USD currency. If you want to pay me using another method contact me and we'll figure it out.

2.) If you decide that you want to commission me provide the following information before sending your money:

a.) The type of commission
--- (ie: headshot or full body nsfw? color? black and white?)

b.) How many characters?
--(prices vary if there's more than one. see above)

c.) What is the mood of the picture?
----(do you want it to be happy? sexy? sad? scary? ect.)

d.)List any other relevant info/pictures that you think might help me give you the best picture I can!

3.) Be respectful and polite. I usually get my commissions done within one or two days you submit it (unless i message you otherwise), but I will not hesitate to refund you without any art and end our business if you harass, curse, or slander me.

4). Only two free redos are allowed once we're in the inking stage, any more than that and I will be forced charge you extra about $5.00 MINIMUM depending on how much work is needed.

5.) I have the right to say no to your commission so please ask me about what you want drawn beforehand. Once I approve of your picture, you may tell me your paypal email address where I will be able to send you an invoice for payment. Note, you may either pay for your commission in full or HALF in the beginning and the latter half when your picture is complete. Only when at least half of your drawing has been paid for will I begin sketching your commission. Within seven days you will receive the sketch via email to look over for approval, then the inks, ect.

6.) I love drawing OCs/Sonas. However should you have NO actual reference images of your OCs/Sonas, then you will be charged an additional $30.00 USD design fee. This price would be added on top of whatever type of commission you're looking for. Inspirational/Aesthetic images don't count as 'reference'. Unless you have an ACTUAL picture of how 'exactly' your OC/Sona should look like, you will be charged extra. Note, SMALL changes to existing drawings of your character (ie: out of date character charts, simple changes to the colors or hair, ect.) are not eligible for a design fee. Again, SMALL changes are the only exceptions.

If you have multiple characters without a solid design, then the $30.00 USD is charged PER character on top of the commission price.

You may of course provide as many images of the type of clothing/armor your character will wear. No fee is charged for that, unless you need me to design the ENTIRE ensemble from a bunch of different reference photos.

Do not hesitate to ask if you character/Sona is eligible for this design fee!!! There are exceptions here and there!

7.) If you are interested in Sona/Self commissions note that there aren't any 'special' prices for them. What you see below is what you get, and they are limited to 10 slots per month. Any other type of commission does not require slots. (PM/email me for more info on Sona/Self images)

8.) My paypal account/email again is squarerootofdestiny[at]

from $ 15.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Fullbody or Multi-Man Scenarios

Now, here is my rulings:

  1. Commissions are $15

  2. The artwork will be in Traditional styling.

  3. You pay after the work is finished.

  4. Multiple People/Added Backgrounds will be $5 extra.

from $ 10.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: 100x100 Pixels, Custom Design, Detailed Style, Lineless Art, Ref Sheets, Simple/Chibi Style

Commissioning me means you have read, and agree to my TOS
If you commission me and fail to read these, then I have every right to
disallow you the use of my artwork/designs and Blacklist you if you break a rule.

(Terms Of Service)

  • DO NOT send your payment without making 100% sure that you click "NO SHIPMENT NECESSARY" for your payment! The art I sell is digital, and in no way shape or form needs to be shipped!

  • I do not issue refunds.
    If you commissioned me, that means you've clearly seen my artistic abilities.
    I will keep my customers updated with how their commission is coming along, and if something has come up
    to push back the estimated finish date.

  • You will NOT re-upload my art on any website* or claim the art as your own work!
    *toyhouse is an exception, but you must credit me!
    (Toyhouse: S-adistic-Scars)

  • If you commission me to design/redesign a character,
    you will credit me for the design the first time drawing said character, and
    anytime someone asks about the designer

  • If you are commissioning me to design a CS character, provide proof of your MYO slot ahead of time
    (watermark it ahead of time!! I know there are people who will ask for proof and they just steal the slot, so please please! protect your slot and watermark it, even though I would never steal your slots, it's just a warning in case you commission other artists as well)

  • (Although mistakes are not common...) If I have made a mistake drawing your character,
    depending on how big or small the mistake is, I will either edit the picture
    or draw you a completely new piece*, HOWEVER, please tell me nicely, do not yell at me about it.
    If you yell at me over a mistake, I will Blacklist you from purchasing a commission from me again.
    (*this is case-by-case and depends purely on my ability to edit the mistake)

  • T.O.S. can, and will update if I see fit, and it up to you to check back

Thank you for your time
And thank you for commissioning me!

from $ 30.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Badge

★ Commissions are currently OPEN!

★ Commission prices all start at $35. Price increases will vary depending on complexity!

★ (Traditional) Badge commissions are instantly fully lined, colored, detailed, laminated, and clipped.

★ I am not currently taking full-body commissions.

★ Additional characters added to a single piece is a $5 increase!

★ Digital pieces can be emailed/sent in HI-res to the receiver!

★ NO NSFW COMMISSIONS. I am not currently taking NSFW commissions.
★ I do not accept NSFW artwork as reference. Please make sure all reference art is accurately SFW at all times!

Tips are always accepted and appreciated! Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to commission me. I am truly honored to create wonderful pieces of work to bring your character(s) to life!

Any further questions and comments can be sent directly to me!

-King Ragnarok

from € 20.00 to € 60.00 (Approx. $ 22.80 to $ 68.41)
Types Available: Reference, Sketch

♥ I draw SFW and have no problem with NSFW art ♥

I mostly draw sketches but if you check my official portfolio you will find all the kind of artwork I can do:

from $ 35.00
Types Available: Sketches

Picture with full color, shading, and extra glow effects (if you request) and bevel with frame and watermark.

from $ 40.00
Types Available: Fursuits
No description provided
from $ 20.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Digital Art

Single Chibi - Full Color
[Head Shot: $10.00 | Full Body: $15.00]

Couple Chibi - Full Color
[Head Shot: $10.00 | Full Body: $15.00]

Single Character - Full Color
[Half Body: $20.00 | Full Body: $30.00]

Couples - Full Color
[Half Body: $25.00| Full Body: $40.00]

from $ 5.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Flat, Shaded and Manga


$5 USD

$13 USD

Full body-
$20 USD

Simple Shaded

$8 USD


Full body-


$10 USD


Full body-


$10 USD

Pixel Sona by Pallid-Panda

Paypal USD only

Will Do:

-Canon Characters
-OC x Canon (character must be 18+ if NSFW)
-Canon x Canon (character must be 18+ if NSFW

Wont Do:

Extreme Fetishes (Mainly scat, water sports )



All art will come with a transparent background version and a simple background version as seen in many of the examples.
Complex backgrounds are $5-$10 extra depending on the complexity


  1. Open

  2. Open

  3. Open

  4. Open

  5. Open

from $ 5.00 to $ 45.00
Types Available: Comics, Commissions

Note: Animations aren't a thing yet set in stone really (And neither is the price, it's just there as a placeholder atm). But if you ARE curious about getting one, you only have to ask! I'm only just starting out with them anyways :p.

PS Note: comics come with 3 panels already

Message me about commissions if you're interested!

from $ 80.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Standard

All Commissions are full color and shading