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from $ 10.00
Types Available: Character sketches

Please provide a reference and short description of your character. My process is constantly changing so don't expect a particular style. Currently only accepting paypal, I will send full resolution image after receipt of payment.

from $ 15.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Stuff I do

If you are unable to view commission prices there:

Sketches are $15 (+10 per extra character)
Inked and colored is $30 (+20)
Fully shaded is $40 (+25)
And high detail level shaded is $60 (+30)

Add a basic background for $20 or high detailed one for $50, otherwise very simple/no backgrounds are free~

I'm open to doing a lot of different stuff, just ask if you're unsure!

from $ 3.00 to $ 15.00
Types Available: Full body ref sheet, Headshot/Bust, Icons/Badges/Sprites, Linework, Sketches

Extra characters in Linework cost +$5

from $ 7.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Detailed stylization fullbody, Detailed stylization headshot, Detailed stylization scene illustration, Shading fullbody, Shading headshot, Shading scene illustration, Simple stylization fullbody, Simple stylization headshot, Simple stylization scene
from $ 5.00 to $ 8.00
Types Available: :D

Cleaned up sketch with flat colours, can be anything from a simple pinup to a full scene. Base price depends on complexity, such as poses, amount of extra details, etc. I am open to most ideas, but i do know my artistic limitations. So do not be offended if i turn down something i do not feel capable of drawing. If unsure, i may offer a very rough sketch to serve as proof of concept for your approval before waiting for payment. Commission progress will be shown multiple times, to be sure of any tweaks/fixes you may wish for along the way.

Don't be afraid to contact me, i am happy to discuss/negotiate anything you may have in mind. :D

from $ 5.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: 3D Color, Charcoal, Flat Color, Inked Sketches, Pencil Sketches, Realistic Pencil, Reference Sheets, Tattoo Designs

These are the prices for my commissions. I accept PayPal, cash (in person preferred), check, and money orders (last 2 are ask first).

If you cannot afford my prices right away, don't fret! I accept payment plans and I will keep track of how much you owe me. Commissions will not be submitted until full payment has been received.

from $ 20.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Color

Each additional character for a commission is $20.

from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Art Things, yo.

I usually charge the minimum price, unless you have wings, which is fine! I'm just gonna charge an extra five dollars.

from € 10.00 to € 170.00 (Approx. $ 10.89 to $ 185.11)
Types Available: Fullbody, Half body, Packs, Sticker-like bustshot

Need to save up for my drivers license and vet bills.

The highest price shown is for two characters, the lowest for only one.

The prices are calculated with the minimun wage we get per hour in Germany.

250 €/1500 €

Terms of Service

No refunds. you will receive your commission, even if it might take a bit longer- but it will 100% be received

• I accept PayPal only

• If you order a pack you are free to choose different characters for every picture.

No deadlines!!!
I'm a student will keep being one for the next two or six years.
I have better stuff to do than just draw for you.

• The picture will be added to my commisson list to be started as soon as I received the payment.

• I will only accept Euro € currency. Usually PayPal converts the money itself and you are able to see, what amount of money it is in your local currency. But please, check on Google what the price is converted in you currency!!

I am allowed to decline your commission if I feel like I can not fulfill you wishes or if you don't fill out the form below correctly or at all.

• If you want to commission a piece from me, please fill out this form below and send it to me via note

•More than one character in one picture is possible. The price will double for two characters e.g. (I usually only take one per picture, but you can talk to me about couple stuff.)

  • Title: "Commission"
  • Type: Fullybody/Halfbody/Bustshot - Fullcolored/Flatcolored
  • Characters: amount of characters, clear and digital references are highly preferred. Also, tell me the personality, if it isn't somewhere on the reference or the description of it. No drawn reference - no commission.
  • Wishes: I can't read your mind. IF you have an idea for what you want, tell me and don't be sad if I don't get your wish right if you tell me "Do what you want". I might tend to decline your commissions in the future if this happens and you want to buy more later.
  • Want to see the sketch?: Just tell me.

What I am willing to draw:

• Backgrounds happen randomly because lack of practise. Sorry for that but they are for free at least.

You can send me character of any kind and style but they will be drawn in the classic style as you see it in my gallery.

Also, only characters of those kinds:

♠ Canines
♠ Felines
♠ Avians
♠ Dragons
♠ Rodents
♠ Deer

• Semi-nude

• Couples

• Semi-sexual stuff

What I am NOT willing to draw:

• Official characters of games/shows/etc

• anime-styled anthro

• Humans

• Sonic/Mobian-styled anthro

• My little Pony (simply because horses are a big pain in the ass)

• most amphibian

• Yea, like I said, horses

• complete nude on males (simply because lack of practise)

• Anything full sexual themed (includes fetishes etc)

from $ 2.00 to $ 4.00
Types Available: simple comms
No description provided
from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Commissions

Additional Character:
$30 Shaded
$15 Flats
$10 Sketch

from $ 10.00 to $ 65.00
Types Available: Basic, Complex, References

Terms of Service

▪Commission form can be found HERE.

▪Queue can be found HERE.

from $ 5.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Big draw, Character profile, Comic page, draw with multiple character, general commissions, Little draw, Sketch

Hi! My name is solaris91 and i'm an Italian cartoon artist! 'm studying to become a cartoonist so I like to draw different character, especially Anthro animal (but that doesn't mean I ignore humans ;)

here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from my boyfriend. just go here--->

for those interested, here's the rules:
-I accept paypal
-I refuse to draw scenes of violence, vore, physical or psychological abuse, or may disturb people. I can always refuse to make a draw if the request not suit me
-I can draw "erotic"situation or NSFW art, BUT if you want a erotic draw, you must contact me with a MP.

  • Payment for commission will be made BEFORE i start to working

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask

from $ 30.00 to $ 600.00
Types Available: Basic illustration, Comic, Complex illustration

Basic illustration: A fanart or oc´s illustration starring 1 - 3 characters and a basic background. You may specific poses, actions, anatomical sizes, face expression, background, etc.
I´ll send you a lineart before finish it to assure ur approval.
Payment by Paypal.

Complex illustration: A big illustration with 4 - 15 characters, the price starts at $50 and add $10 with every character

Comics: A short comic with any plot you want, 5 - 20 pages, $20 each one.

The work will be published in my public galleries, if you want a private work that doesnt publish nowhere, the prices are the following:

Basic illustration: $50.00
Complex illustration: $70.00 and 15 by aditional character
Comic: $30 per page

from $ 7.00 to $ 14.00
Types Available: Sculpture

Hi~ If you'd like to commission me, please send me a message, be polite and respectful and I'll return the favor. I accept paypal, and currently, I am only offering bird and dragon figurines. though in the future I'll be open for digital pieces.
Here's a link to my sale sheet of available birds to order:
Dragons require a reference sheet, and can't include thin parts, since they would easily break off. If wanted, I can make a random dragon as well, which obviously doesn't require a reference, and the outcome will be a surprise- you can choose to make said dragon into a character or whatnot if you please.
If you want a figurine, be sure to let me know what kind you want. (See sale sheet for options available for birds) These will be shipped to you, so you will also have to pay shipping, which is not included in the base cost. I'll be making these on demand, and due to the nature of clay, it will take time to finish them.
*All shipping will be done from a proxy location. The return address will not be mine.
In order to prevent people from ordering and then deciding not to follow through with sending the money, I require the first $4 after I send a WIP (before the piece is bisque fired, about halfway through)- I will not continue beyond this point until I recieve that payment. The rest must be paid after it is completed (the remaining $3 +shipping and handling) before I will send it.
Thank you for your consideration!

from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Digital Art

Character Sheet - Two poses (3/4 front, 3/4 back) Two facial expressions, two accesory close ups (Wristband, headphones, etc).

Full body (flat color) - One character, simple background.

Headshot Icons - Icon for avatar. Headshot, flat colors.

from $ 15.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: SLAVE STREAM, Stream Comms

╭━━━━COMMISSION INFO━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

I only take commissions during my streams where I raffle each slot
via a roulette wheel OR THE INFAMOUS SMASH STREAMS.

but if you're the impatient type I also allow you to buy your way into the next slot outright with the premium slots.

or instead of waiting and hoping for a slot in one of my streams you can hire me
out for a Slave Stream and have me doodle anything you want on demand!


╭━━━━COMMISSION LINKS━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

Fill out the respective form if you are after a commission or slave stream


from $ 10.00 to $ 120.00
Types Available: NSFW, SFW

Prices may vary due to complexity and content.

To inquire about character design or what the adult theme tiers mean, please note me.

from $ 10.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Coloured Sketch, Greyshaded Sketch, Sketch

Prices are based on 'per character'. Prices might be increased depending on complexity of characters and background.

I stream every friday at 9pm GMT+1 on Tigerdile where I take on commissions as well as other personal work. Commissions can also be done offline but might take longer to complete.

Shoot me a note on Weasyl or on FA if interested!

from $ 20.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Bust, Expression Sheet Five Piece, Expression Sheet Ten Piece, Fullbody, Icons

.:Basic Commission Info:.

★ please provide clean clear refs 2-3 max
★Payment is up front and Paypal only
★ Everything is fully rendered
★ My art style is stylized and Expressive though anatomy is priority I do not do realism!
★ I draw a lot of stuff, but my strengths are: Dragons, Wolves, Big Cats, Bears, Rabbits, Hybrids, Reptiles , just about any mammal, Avians are fine, Stylized Humans are fine as well as simple Mech like Dr Naferious, Fanart (Depends), OCs, Monsters. (Contact me if you're not sure)
★ I will not draw NSFW, Not offering traditional work at this time, no automobiles please. Only character art at this time.
★ I prefer you contact me via IM/DM/PM or whatever messaging system whatever website has that you're viewing this on otherwise my email is

★ Please refer to my commission master post ★here★ for in depth info on each type of commission

from $ 5.00 to $ 30.00

Colored comics can have 3/4 discount if they are 20+ pages

Use this form if you can't use

from $ 15.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Digital, Traditional
No description provided
from $ 20.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Badge, Comics, Inked, Reference sheet, Sketches, Standard


Will and won'ts


I may add more

gore/ extreme vore (candy gore in certain times)

bodily fluids/ bowel movements in relation to scat/ vomit/ gas

Watersports is a case by case basis

Nipple penetration

Bellybutton penetration

inflation (sorry, I just don’t enjoy doing it)

Slob fetish art: stinky feet, armpits, ass, ext

adult-baby themes such as diapers, children's clothing, ect.



Extreme pregnancy related fetishes, extreme amount of eggs, parasitic pregnancy fetishes

Extreme hyper (if your characters dingus or whatnot is bigger than their body that’s a no go)

Horror porn (disfigured, horrifying monsters are a no)

Prolapsing of any kind

Ballbusting (abuse is okay but nothing being cut or popped)


Monsters (werewolf, vampire, mythical creatures) ✔✔✔

Size difference ✔✔✔✔

Slice of life✔✔✔✔

Tasteful nudes✔


Fan service✔


Candy gore

Hyper lite ✔✔✔


Feral dragons, mythical creatures ✔✔✔





Oral ✔✔✔✔

Twincest/sibling incest


Fictional rape✔

from $ 5.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Commission Artwork, Commission Others, Commission Sketches, Transformation/Muscle Growth Comics

$5.00 more for any additional characters on all artworks/comics

Contact Information

if you like to commissioned me for one or more send me a note here or e-mail me here ( ) to set one up.


I only take PayPal for now but if you don't have PayPal I will take a check

through the mail but you have to ask me for the address but I do prefer using PayPal.

I prefer to get pay about $5 or half of the asking price as a start up feed before I start the commission and get pay the rest before I send the finish commission to you.

Quick Note: I'm pretty much open on doing all kind of theme but I don't do hard core adult/porn commissions, nudity is all right as long if is in good taste

from $ 5.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: 1. Lineart, 2. Flat Colors, 3. Shaded, 4. Full Render, 5. Reference Sheets

Rules/ToS and Examples

Any additional character is 2x the base price, or if they are not the same type as the base price (ex theyre a headshot in an originally fullybody image), then add that price of that tier.

from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Colored, Icons, Lineart, Sketches
No description provided
from $ 30.00
Types Available: Bulk Deal!!!

Will accept all fursonas/ponysonas/anysonas (no humans please. I'm really bad at them)

from $ 15.00
Types Available: Badge

Currently accepting badge commissions. Unable to do horses, birds and humans right now. Many examples available in my submissions.
Badges are 100% digital. Buyer is responsible for print and laminate.

from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Busts, Designs, Sketches

Dependent on how detailed/elaborate

from $ 80.00 to $ 120.00
Types Available: Standard

All Commissions are full color and shading