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from $ 50.00
Types Available: 3DA

I will create your character in stunning 3D and present them in a beautiful final image. The price starts at $40 and depending on the complexity of your character it will either increase or stay at base price. If I like your character enough though I may even go cheaper.

from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Bust, Color, Full body, Waist-up

Any commissioners must have PayPal or Google Wallet! $50 Patrons will automatically get 30% discount on all commissions.

Prices vary and will be listed in the art gallery with examples.

Here's a list of things that I definitely WON'T draw.

Anything not listed can be discussed or is on the table.

from $ 5.00 to $ 8.00
Types Available: 500x500 icons
No description provided
from $ 3.00
Types Available: Arts
No description provided
from $ 5.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: ***Flash Sale*** HeadShots Full Color, Simple Soft Shade, Fullbody, Icon, Reference

**Flash Sale! $10 Headshots!*****

I am running a flash sale on Headshots, $10 each!
That means 15 slots are open!
This sale will be open until my goal is met for the day!

from $ 15.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Character Drawing Commission, Icon Commission, Reference Sheet

Character: Lineart

Character: Flat Colors

Character: (Cell) Shaded

Character: Full Color

Icon Commission

Reference Sheets

  • Base Price: $60
  • One character per sheet
  • Two to three poses
  • Four facial expressions
  • Color palette
  • Includes simple bio or description (optional)> Name> Age> Height / Weight> Favorite Food> Personality> Likes / Dislikes


Additional characters are half the base price
Maximum of four (4) characters per image
For a list of what I will or will not draw, kindly refer to the link below or send me a note:

from $ 9.00 to $ 12.00
Types Available: Story

Writing is something I want to get better at doing consistently, and I've been using commissions as a method of gaining that skill. I currently have one project that was recently completed that fits my current writing style. While I have other completed projects, I believe this one is a good indicator of my current writing style. I don't consider myself an expert writer, which is why my prices will generally be on the lower/average side. But please, check this journal out when you have the time!

For my first run, I am only going to accept ONE slot. Simply due to me being new to this. I will open it up to two after I am confident in my workflow.


Prices would likely vary depending on the complexity of the scene you wish for me to play out. Due to my writing style, wordcount can fluctuate a bit. Providing me a wordcount limit will not end well simply because those constraints are hard for me to work with. Instead, you would simply send me your idea, the scenes you would like, all the details you think are important, and then I will give you a ballpark estimate of what the wordcount would be. Depending on the price I will ask for a certain amount of it upfront, with the rest being paid upon completion of the story. I will withhold the completed story until I am paid in full.

Prices are based off every thousand words, and are simply ballpark estimates of what you might be paying. Again, it would heavily dependent on the scene you set up.


I am open to most story suggestions, but I do reserve the right to refuse an idea for any reason, even if it's simply because I do not like the idea. As for fetishes present, I am rather open, and my F-List profile listed above is a rather good place to check what I like and don't like. It also happens to have old, old stories that I hate with a passion but might give you at least some idea of what my writing style is. But here is a small selection of things I will not write under no circumstances, just so you don't have to go to another website to find out.

I do not write about:

Vore of all kinds, absorption, etc.
Blood and gore.
Hyper muscle
Hyper fat
Scat and watersports
Diaper fetish
Things of that nature

One thing that is a gray area is rape. It really depends on the scene you have in mind, but generally assume that rape stories are not to be accepted. Dubious consent I am a little more relaxed about.


If for some reason I am unable to complete your story I will refund you in full and will send you the unfinished draft of your work, if a reasonable amount has been completed.

Proofreading will be done by a third-party. However, once the story is complete you may suggest changes after paying in full. Major rewrites might incur an extra charge depending on severity.

I will inform you if I am unable to work on your piece for a significant period of time. If I go on hiatus due to real life issues you may cancel the commission. I will refund you minus whatever work has already been completed.

Price not declared
Types Available: Color, Inks, Sketch

Sketches are done in my sketchbook and can be rough. Most will be lightly shaded but without a great amount of detail.

Digital Sketches are two color sketches. One as a base and the other a bit more refined, much like my sketchbook sketches.

Digital Inks are lineart.

Flats are single colors with no shading and a one color background.

Fully rendered includes shading on the character and a simple background.

Extra items, such as background and extra characters are to be determined on an individual basis.

All payments are to be made through paypal. Note me with your commission information and I will give you a price and my paypal info. Please make sure to include "Commission from Dmitry" in the transaction notes.

*All commission sales are final. I will issue refunds only in cases that I determine necessary.

from $ 2.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Writing

For poems, you decide the form (e.g. limerick, haiku, narrative, free verse, etc.), themes, subjects, and any characters.

If a short form (e.g. limerick) is chosen, multiple poems will be provided to assure that you are getting what you've paid for.

For snippets, you decide the genre, point of view(s), themes, subjects, any characters, as well request specific details, situations, and plots. You will receive the first draft of the finished work and may request small alterations.

For short stories, you decide the genre, point of view(s), themes, subjects, any characters, as well as request specific details, situations, and plots. You will receive the first draft of the finished work for review, and may request moderate alterations. If you so choose, you may receive segmented updates as the first draft is written.

For multi-chapter works, you you decide the genre, point of view(s), themes, subjects, any characters, as well as request specific details, situations, and plots. You will receive a draft of each chapter for review, and may request moderate alterations. If you so choose, you may receive segmented updates as each chapter is written.

Multi-chapter works will be greater than 10k words.

Each additional 10k words is an additional $20.00 USD, up to roughly 30k words.

from $ 1.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Headshot, Icon, Reference
No description provided
from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Drawings

Send commission inquiries to email:
Terms of Service:

By sending commission request, you agree to T.o.S.

Don't forget to send support to the tipjar-

from $ 10.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Color Pics, Sketches

Pencil Sketch: Simple pencil sketch. Add $2.50 per additional character. All ratings available.

Themed Sketch Page: Page of 4 to 6 smaller sketches based on a set theme. Requires artistic freedom to complete, but it is an excellent opportunity for some quick art on a theme. All ratings available.

AF Pinups: "Artistic Freedom" Pinup. You provide me with a couple of simple guidelines (for example, an outfit suggestion or a desired weapon or vehicle) and I work up an image from that. No WiPs available with this option. General and Mature ratings only. Add $5 per additional character.

Simple Color Pic: Standard color pic. WiPs are available with this option. Simple background available on request for no additional charge. All ratings available. Add $5 per additional character.

Themed Color Page: Colored version of the Themed Sketch Page. 3 to 5 simple pics per page. All ratings available.

from $ 1.00 to $ 250.00
Types Available: Badges, Business Cards, Full Color, Icons, Inked, Quickie Badge, Reference Sheet, Sketches, Telegram Stickers

Please contact me & use this form to commission me:

Commission Form

Sticker Form

Prices are based on single character commission. Subject to additional fees based on level of detail/multiple characters, etc.

Commission Examples



Full Color


Business Card

Convention Badges

Quickie Badge

Flat Color Badge

Full Color Badge

Telegram Stickers

from £ 10.00 to £ 300.00 (Approx. $ 12.87 to $ 386.23)
Types Available: costumes, Sketch

I offer masks and costume partials such as gloves, tails, ears etc as well as monster facial prosthetics and 2D artwork commissions.

For more details on my commissions, terms and policies, please click here:

from $ 3.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Digital Coloring/Shading, Flat Colors, Inked, Sketches, Watercolor

Base prices apply to pictures with up to 3 characters. After 3 characters, each additional costs $5.

Will not draw pornographic material or fetish-oriented art.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

from $ 80.00 to $ 120.00
Types Available: Standard

All Commissions are full color and shading

from $ 25.00 to $ 75.00
Types Available: Flats, Full Colour, Shaded Sketch, sketch

Please read the notes on my commission I.D. before commissioning. click here to be taken to it

I reserve the right to deny any commission. I will ALWAYS notify you if I decide I can't do what you've asked for, and I request that you wait for my confirmation before sending payment

Extremely complicated characters with lots and lots of accessories, appendages, or patterns may have an extra charge due to their nature.

from £ 1.00 to £ 35.00 (Approx. $ 1.29 to $ 45.06)

Type of Drawings

Can Draw?

Macro / Micro (Big and Small always fun)
Growth (You ain't growing in my house)
Muscular (You're such a stud)
Fat (You tub of lard)
Blobs (Run don't walk)
Slobs (They're God's most sexiest F***ed up creatures)
Bondage (Whoa put that away)
Vehicles (Beep Beep Zoooooom)
Stomping (It's GODZILLA)
Sex (I'm Bisexual I can go 2 ways baby)
Cock Vore (Down the slide into darkness)
Crushing (Car Compactor Mode)
Paws (Everyone loves pawsies)
Cock Designs (Mine's Big)

Can't Draw?

Blood & Gore (The Horror)
Tattoos or Characters with any sort of Markings (I ain't that skilled)
Diapers (Grow Up)
Scat (What's wrong with the Toilet)
Pregnancy (I Don't want that thing Busting near my ass)

Commission Prices (with GBP & USD)


Comic / Sequences:
Single Page £5.00 / $5.00 - Extra 5+ (per page)
Pages with Multiple panels £10 / $10 - Extra 5+ (per panel)
Additional Characters £1.50 / $2.00 - Extra 1+ (per character)
Vehicles: Cars = Free, Boats = £1.00 / $1.00, Aircraft = £2.00 / $2.00


Comic / Sequences:
Single Page £5.00 / $5.00 - Extra 5+ (per page)
Single with Mulitple Sketches £10.00 / $10.00 - Extra 5+ (page sketch)
Additional Character £1.50 / $1.00


Flats £20.00 / $20.00
Cell Shaded Colour £30.00 / $30.00
Flat Col Ref Sheets £25.00 / $25.00
Cell Shad Ref Sheets £35.00 / $35.00
Additional Characters £5.00 / $5.00
Vehicles: Any = £2.50 / $3.00

Contact Info

Skype: (or) BETA TYSON

PayPal Acceptations

£ = GBP
$ = USD

from $ 15.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Digital Illustrations, Telegram Stickers

By hiring me, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms of service.

Payment: All prices are USD and I only accept payment through paypal.

Payment is required up front.

Refunds: I do not offer refunds, unless I am unable to complete the work for some reason.

Revisions: I will offer progress shots as I work and small edits and alterations may be requested during this time. Major revisions are not accepted past the sketch stage.

Reposting: Once a commission is complete and paid for, you may repost it as you wish. I do ask that credit always be given, though. Please do not edit or crop out my signature from a finished piece.

Private Work: I do not accept “private” work, where I’m not able to display the finished piece publicly in my portfolio. Having examples of my current body of work is too essential to my business to omit pieces.

Special Work: If you are interested in hiring me for a type of work that is not listed below, feel free to email me about it. I may be interested in taking on certain projects.

NSFW content is ok!

I will not do underage/ageplay, scat/vomit, watersports, vore, inflation or feral porn.

Price not declared
Types Available: FREE
No description provided
from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Fully Textured Low Poly 3D Model, Icon, Line Art, Painted, Sketch

If you want art and would also like to help someone pay for their last year of college, I have great news. Anything commissioned instantly becomes yours. You can use it for whatever you want, even commercially without any further licensing or royalties. I can do game assets, banners, icons, etc; any kind of graphic you might need. I do draw NSFW and I'll draw most things, if you'e unsure about something, just ask. For non-icon/non-3D commissions, use this form for your convenience:

from $ 35.00 to $ 65.00
Types Available: Digital Art

Prices given are for moderate to high levels of detail. If you want something really extravagant, and time consuming, let me know and I can work out better prices with you. I could go lower for especially simple characters, or partial views.

Add 50% to the price for every additional character, assuming they're interacting in some way.

Backgrounds start at $5 for simple nature backgrounds but can go up the more complicated and time intensive the background is.

If I'm not currently open for commissions, you can claim a slot for double the normal price. Otherwise, I must ask that you wait until I post a journal announcing that commissions are open.

from € 6.00 to € 40.00 (Approx. $ 7.04 to $ 46.96)
Types Available: CHIBI - Advanced Colord, CHIBI - Flat Colored, CHIBI - Sketch, REGULAR - Advanced Colors, REGULAR - Flat Colored, REGULAR - Sketch

What I can or cannot do :
I can draw male, female, animals, furries/anthro …
I can draw nudity, and maybe NSFW interaction (depends of what you want)
I DO NOT MAKE FANARTS of existing characters (copyrighted characters)
I can draw OC from your own universe or from another universe (games, mangas, comics …) as long as the design is different of the characters who already exist ! (Ex : your character in a game - dragonborn in Skyrim, Inquistor in DAI, commander in GW2… but I cannot draw your Pikachu…)

Sketches - Flat Colored art - Advanced Colored art.
Inluded in Flat + Advanced colored : mono colored sketch // +5€ for a simple background like a sky
If there are several interacting characters, there are some discount on the price (see the commission page below)

Paid via Paypal / Invoice.

All the commissions Info can be found here - PLEASE read them :
You can see the commissions I made here :

from $ 20.00 to $ 220.00
Types Available: Colour Sketches, Detailed Lineart, Digital Painting, Sketches, Specials
from $ 2.50 to $ 90.00
Types Available: Chibi, Comic (4 Panel), Fullbody, Headshot, Reference (2 Fullbody Segments, 2 Headshot Segments), Transformation Pieces (4 Segments)
No description provided
Price not declared
Types Available: Illustration, Scientific Illustration
  • Paypal only
  • Payment beforehand
  • Prices for illustrations of personal use only, for commercial use contact me

The Illustrations are made digitally and sent as JPG file
The image size is around 3000x2000, let me know if you need it bigger

from $ 2.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Cel-Shaded, Couples Icons, Full Color, Goo Gore, Chibis, and Toony Style, Icon, Reference, Sketch
from $ 6.00 to $ 17.00
Types Available: Colours with shading, Flat colours, not shading, Line arts

Click this link to find out:

I promise you all that my prices are worth it.

from $ 10.00
Types Available: Headshot

Payment by Paypal only. TOS here.

from $ 3.00 to $ 15.00
Types Available: Comics, Doodles, Sticky Notes