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from $ 10.00 to $ 45.00
Types Available: Chibi, Fullbody, Headshot, Reference
No description provided
Price not declared
Types Available: Add environment (background), Add prop (additional props are 45% of the base price), Badge, Fullbody, Headshot, Icon, Reference

My current commission prices, my ToS, and where you can find url to the commission form is located at:

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

from $ 10.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Full body pictures

For each additional character you add the base price. (eg. 10$+ for sketches, 20$+ for lineart, etc.)

Backgrounds are 10$ for Flat colour and Full colour drawings!

I will do NSFW but please be considerate if I decline. (this depends a lot on the fetish)

You may contact me via PM or e-mail
Feel free to ask any questions, if anything isn't clear!

from $ 40.00
Types Available: WGs

A extra with my job, but this barely get anywhere

from € 15.00 to € 25.00 (Approx. $ 17.46 to $ 29.11)
Types Available: Pixel
from $ 5.00 to $ 115.00
Types Available: Badge, Basic Toony Paws, Busts, Canine Paws, Custom-Fit Armsleeves, Fullbody, Headshot, Monster/Beast Paws, Sketch


Commission Info

All prices are in USD. I only accept payment through PayPal (please do not use the “family and friends” option!), and work on your piece cannot begin until I have been paid in full.

I do not do refunds on art. I do not do so on fursuits or their parts either, unless I have not purchased the materials yet. Please note that these are only basic prices, and are subject to change without notice. If your design is complex or very detailed, it will be more.

When contacting me for a quote, in your very first message you need to state what it is you are asking about, and send a ref sheet of your character. By commissioning me, you are confirming that you have fully read and agree to this text in its entirety.

I do not do NSFW or ref sheets. Do not ask.

Art Commissions

Art commissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis. I do not do reserves, nor do I currently have a queue. If I feel that I cannot take on any more commissions, I will close until I finish the current pieces. I am almost always open right now, though this may change as more people commission.

All pieces come with a single color background, flat or ombre, of your choice. More complex backgrounds (landscapes, etc.) will be more, and will be discussed when you ask for your quote.

All of my work is digital. I will send progress photos to you upon request, max 2 per week. I do not have a current estimated wait time, sorry.

Fursuit Commissions

DarkFox Studios is currently closed for fursuit commissions, except for paws and armsleeves. Hopefully towards the end of 2018/early 2019, we’ll be open for at least fursuit partial commissions. Currently, I offer three styles of paws, dubbed “Basic Toony Paws”, “Canine Paws”, and “Monster/Beast Paws”, each having add-ons available.

Paws are one-size-fits all, but if you’d like to ensure that they will fit, you can send me a tracing of your hand after paying for your paws. Your ring and middle fingers should be together, as this is how they will be when wearing the paws. If the paws will be too small, I can make them larger at no extra cost.

Armsleeves are custom-fit, and I will require measurements that will be discussed once you have paid for your order.

Shipping will be discussed when you ask for a quote, meaning my prices do not include shipping costs. I do not know shipping times. I only ship within the United States, and I am based near San Francisco. All paw shipments will come with care instructions.

Terms Of Service

You must be 16 years of age or older to commission me for fursuits or their parts, I will ask for a photo of you with a valid state I.D.
You must be 13 years or age or older to commission me for art, and again, you must send a photo of yourself with an I.D. A school I.D. is acceptable in this case, if it shows your school year/level and/or birthdate.
The photo of yourself with your I.D. will be immediately deleted after, I will send a screenshot as proof. This is to keep you safe!
I only accept payment through PayPal. Do not use the “family and friends” option. I cannot do payment plans at this time, sorry. I do not do refunds, unless it is for a fursuit/parts of a fursuit and I have not yet purchased materials. I will occasionally have sales. These cannot be combined or stacked. Once a sale is over, it’s over.

Disclaimer: All of my original characters and original work belong to me. DO NOT use them for roleplay, fanart, or anything else. Exception: Fanart is acceptable if you ask for permission FIRST. DO NOT: copy, trace, steal, claim as your own, or heavily reference my art. If this occurs, the appropriate actions will be taken to remove my work or the traced/copied/heavily referenced work from your profile.

Any character(s) in commissions do not belong to me, and this will be stated in the description of every commission, with a link to the owner of the character(s). All commissions will be posted on my social media pages, so be sure to include a link to one of your social media accounts when messaging me for a commission. This link will be listed in the description of the post including your commission so people can find the owner of the character(s). If you do not provide a link, I will use the one associated with the account you are messaging me from.

If you are sharing (reposting somewhere else) my art or work in general, you must give credit, including a link (one is perfectly fine) back to my Amino, Tumblr, Weasyl, or Twitter. All links are provided above. If I come across a post including my art or other works that does not have a link, I will re-post/re-blog/comment on said post with a link to one of my social media pages.

Fursuit commissions: I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged during transit, please contact the postal service for any shipping issues!
I do live with animals, and while all paws are cleaned, brushed, and disinfected before shipment, there may still be risk of a reaction if your allergies are very severe. Please keep this in mind.

Any and all ref sheets you send for a commission must belong to you, free and clear. I will not do art with stolen characters, or art of characters that are not yours.

These terms, info, and prices are subject to change without notice, but I will try to inform everyone if they are modified. Yes, I know, there is information that is repeated. It is not harming anyone or anything, and I am leaving it there.

Thank you!
-Kitvin, DarkFox Studios

Price not declared
Types Available: Commissions by Mordu
from $ 30.00
Types Available: Commission

PayPal only, sorry. Pay half up-front and the other half upon approving a rough sketch.

from $ 10.00
Types Available: See my page for more information!
from $ 15.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Shaded Digital, Sketches
No description provided
from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00
Types Available: Sketch Pinup

See commission information HERE.

from $ 6.00 to $ 10.00
Types Available: Flat colors, Story

I'm available for commissions.

$10 gets you a story, up to 2000 words.

$6 gets you a drawing colored.

from $ 2.00 to $ 15.00
Types Available: Design consultations, Fetish-Centric Stories (2500 word minimum, 15000 words max.), Non-Fetish Stories (2500 word minimum, 15000 words max.), YCH Stories (3000 word minimum, 10000 words max.)

I like to consider myself a talented writer, I've been at it in one form or another for well over a decade. this encompasses stories both plot driven and lewd, detailed character bios and species descriptions and even business related literature. I tend to be more active on my FA, so it's easier to catch me there.

So I feel I can handle almost any sort of writing you might want, from a naughty story, to an entirely clean epic. I'm more than happy to lend my expertise in creature creation and biology out as well, to sit and brainstorm and build something like I have for my own creatures.

That being said, my expertise lies in the realm of harder scifi, as well as my interest. You'll get a lot more out of me with ideas that fall closer to that field.

For lewd stuff, naturally I will write better when things interest me. If you want to know what that is, you can check my F-list. Though I can tray outside my comfort zones at least a bit and still deliver a good product. But now onto a few bullet points.

  • As will all artists, I reserve the right to decline for any reason.
  • After completion, you may post the story/texts anywhere you like, but please do credit me (and any artists who's work was used).
  • Work that has been completed can not be refunded.
  • I will do my utmost to complete any job I undertake, but if for some reason I can't I will refund it 100%
  • Payment is due up-front, before any work is started.
  • Payment is taken through paypal, I will invoice you once the commission is laid out and a price settled on.

Full TOS:

You can see all my stories here:

And non story writing here:

That should be about it, you can note me for more info. But once the commission is started, I will likely move things to email or Discord as the FA notes system is not great.


I charge best on the word count agreed upon before starting. Generally the set-up for stories requires more intensive work and talking to you ,the client. so initial costs tend to be higher. But padding out a story after the premise and characters are all set up is a bit more easy, so there's a bit of a bell-curve to my pricing. I charge different amounts based on if the story is fetish driven smut or more story driven content, see my prices for details.

For YCH stories, since the premise is mostly set and they are generally always ideas I enjoy with more control in my hands, I offer a large discount. Check my gallery and journals for open YCH ideas. If there are none available, this commission type is likely closed, but feel free to inquire and ask if I have any ideas bouncing around.

Design consultation:

This is a bit different from the other types, as it involves live 1:1 (usually, it can be more than 1:1 if the situation calls for it, IE an artist joining in for information on drawing.) But in the most basic of terms, I will work directly with you on a species or character design and backstory. (Hell, it could be a ship, mech or even the basis of a story world.)

But via live chat (voice or text.) We will hash out ideas and designs and get them down in text and possibly image form as well. (Assuming you bring a visual artist, or are visual artist!) As this is based on live time, I charge based on hours for this. My rate is 15 USD per hour, I will use a publicly view-able stopwatch to clock hours in. And time will pause if one of us needs to step away, until we resume.

After talking the project over, I will quote you an estimate for how long I think it will take. And once payment is processed we can move from there. If time runs out before we're finished, I'm happy to extend things. If we're really close, I'll probably let it run over for free. (IE 30 mins or less) Otherwise we will need to work out a proper extension.

  • I will not likely allot more than 8 hours in one go for this.
  • Due to the nature of this work, I will only refund for hours unspent. You will of course be free to keep anything we did during the spent hours, providing credit work the work is given.

Art for Stories:

I'm perfectly happy to exchange art for stories for any story involving one of my characters who will be included in the artwork. (Or hell, if you are and artist and just want to draw one of my characters, or a non-artist who wants to commission one of my characters in exchange for a story, that's fine too.)

I tend to match story word-count dollar for dollar with the price of the art (as if it were a commission, if it wasn't commissioned) to keep the trade as equal as possible. But I'm willing to talk out an agreement.

Due to the nature of this, any fixed rates aren't possible. But my normal T&C do apply.

from $ 5.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half Body, Headshot

When you commission me, you agree to all of the following terms;

I reserve the right to refuse any commission request, for any reason.
Prices listed are subject to change based on complexity of the character/kink in question.
Clear visual references and/or descriptions of the commission idea must be provided, and then a quote will be given to you by me.
Payments $100 and under must be paid upfront and in full before work is to begin. Payments over $100 can be set up as a payment plan.
Unlimited small changes are allowed in the sketch phase. Only a max of 2 pose changes are allowed. After the line work has been done, only changed to the colors are allowed.
Private commissions are available, but they have a 20% fee.

List of Do's and Don't's;

I will draw females, males, and herms.
C-boys and herms with 'hyper' assets will be refused.
I will draw gay, straight, or lesbian couples, but I will not draw lesbian anthro/human couples.
Most any species is acceptable for me to draw, except insect species and MLP.
I will not draw futuristic things. This includes, but is not limited to mechs, space ships, and advanced technology.
I will not draw any kind of firearm.
I will draw natural pregnancy, NOT sexualized or hyper pregnancy.
I will draw natural gore, NOT sexualized gore. This includes kinks like candy gore.
I will draw light inflation. Large, unnatural bulges will be declined.
I will not draw prehensile clitoris'. This means I will not draw female sergals or any other female species that have these if they are having sex.
I will not draw watersports/scat/diaper.
I will draw baby furs/cubs, but NOT in sexual situations, or implied sexual situations.
I will not draw unbirth/any kind of vore.

When buying an Adopt from me, you agree to all of the following terms;

You may not resell the adopt for more than you purchased it for.
If you plan to resell the adopt, please let me know so that I may know who owns it.
When reselling the adopt, you must link the new owner to these rules.
Small design changes can be made, but nothing too drastic, like changing the species.
Refunds will not be offered for Adopts.

Payment, Refunds, and Other

Payment is made only through PayPal. I can either send you an invoice, or send you my link.

If you would like a refund, the amount you get back is determined by how much work is done;

If I have not started on your commission, you will get a full refund.
If I have finished the sketch of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a sketch commission costs. For example, if you requested a single character image, and I only finished the sketch and you wanted a refund, I will keep $10 of that commission, as that's the amount of work I put into the image. You will get the rest of the refund.
If I have finished the flat colors of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a flat color commission costs.
If I have finished the shading of the image, then you cannot get a refund.
If you issue a refund, then you will lose the rights to the image, and will not be able to post it anywhere. I will reuse the image for either personal art, or a YCH commission, changing the details to either match my characters, or make them into 'base' dragons so no characters are recognizable.

I also exhibit the right to refuse any commission, should I be uncomfortable with it.
Reposting and Editing
Images can be reposted so long as proper credit is given to me as the artist, and the owner of the characters is credited. Either the commissioner, or I can request you take down an image.
Art (c) Icy-Marth, characters (c) ***** is an acceptable method of credit.
Images I draw cannot be used for role playing by other people other than the commissioner.

Under no circumstance is an image I draw to be edited or altered by anyone other than the commissioner.
The commissioner is allowed to make avatars and/or banners out of the image, so long as credit is given.

from $ 5.00 to $ 15.00
Types Available: Design
  • Hey folks, have you ever wanted to break everyone's business in games and RPs alike (or break the games and RPs themselves) when you get decent weapons cheaper than you'd pay for a single bottle of health potion, along with free repair ?
  • NO !
  • Yes ?
  • Screw that !
  • Then you've come to the right place.

Hey folks, today I'm officially opening my thread for taking commissions of 2D weapon designs, at your choice.
You can perfectly rest assured that you can break your enemies and keep them from breaking you, without breaking your bank account yourself.

  • Transparent background !Because if you wanna add the thing to your OC ref sheet, consider me already done you a favor here, folks.
  • Big (and THICC) resolution !You can zoom in until your entire screen is only enough for a sixth of the entire pic and the outlines and colors are still faaaaaaaaaar from blurring out.
  • ANYTHING you want ! Even from VIDEO GAMES and ANIMES !You're free to pick literally anything you'd like me to design for your arsenal. Knife, dagger, gladius, katana, nodachi, saber, machete, great-sword, hammer, mace, axe, tomahawk, halberd, glaive, spear, trident, scepter, wand, staff, and everything in between that you wanna name it, for only 5-15$ !

So, guys, order today and get your cosplay !
What're you waiting for ?
Just... DO IT !

from $ 20.00
Types Available: custom action figures

I will make a custom action figure of a character you want, be it official or fan made. I have a pretty long queue, but you can get ahead of most of it by send me a base toy in the mail. Keep in mind you have to reimburse me the original cost of the toy as part of the commission

for convenience, I have an e-mail just for commissioning,

from $ 10.00
Types Available: Digital
No description provided
from $ 15.00 to $ 120.00
Types Available: Polished Image, Reference, Sketch
  • Payment through Paypal ONLY.- - -Adding alternate pricings here as I could not add them to the listings.
  • Alternate version // Varies - Price will vary depending on alterations.
  • Private Stream/Post // +15% - Added to final price in invoice.
  • Drawn with Goob’s OC’s // ~ - Feel free to ask in stream for more information.
  • Goob Adoptables // -15% - Commissioning me to draw an adoptable I designed that you purchased.
from $ 15.00
Types Available: Icon, Sketch
No description provided
from $ 10.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Badges, Chibis, Full Body, Icons, Portraits, Reference Sheets, Telegram Stickers
from $ 80.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Standard

All Commissions are full color and shading

from $ 10.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Sketch

I don't really make art very often or as a source of income, but if you happen to like my style and want to support a radical vegan anarchocommunist change the world and have fun drawing furries or stuff, I'd be happy to talk with you and figure something out!

from $ 25.00 to $ 95.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half-body (waist-up), Headshot

Hello there!
Here is my price sheet for what I offer as commissions
You can contact me with all your enquiries by email: thepimpartist[at] or by a note here on the site.
Also Open to NSFW commissions though some limits apply.

Thank you for checking me out! Wish you all the best!

from € 1.00 to € 7.00 (Approx. $ 1.16 to $ 8.15)
Types Available: Entire body, Head only/Icon, Vore art
No description provided
from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Animal Crossing Chibi, Half or Full Bodies, Headshot, Over-Photo
No description provided
from $ 40.00 to $ 57.00
Types Available: Reference

I take animated ref sheet commissions! :D and an array of YCHs. You can find the whole stash of my YCHs on FurAffinity, here <3

from C$ 8.00 to C$ 30.00 (Approx. $ 6.06 to $ 22.74)
Types Available: Conbadges, Digital Drawings, Reference sheets

For full terms, please visit My commissions page.

from $ 10.00 to $ 90.00
Types Available: Comic (4 Panel), Fullbody, Headshot, Reference (2 Fullbody Segments, 2 Headshot Segments), Transformation Pieces (4 Segments)

Chibis cost a coffee on Ko-Fi ($3)

from € 18.00 (Approx. $ 20.96)
Types Available: Full Color
No description provided