Hello there! :3

I'm just a friendly easy going pichu that enjoys drawing, animating and making Flash work of mostly Pokemon, but I have several other favorites too. I am living in San Diego, California and currently single - I'm also half German and half Mexican 'Germexican'. I'm typically a quiet guy and busy IRL but I like to make friends too.

When commissioning me, please keep in mind I won't draw most 'fetishes' so ask me ahead of time X3

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Oh hello!

on 27 April 2020 at 22:43:25 MDT

I haven't updated here in an eternity, wow! XD

So much has happened since my last update here and I'm surprised there's still folks following me. Not to mention real life stuff which is forcing me to balance my time with work and possibly a change in work due to the wild things this year has brought!

I'm planning to upload the best of what I made recently and maybe post some exclusive content here depending on the vibe I get in this site. It feels like there's more sanity here than FurAffinity and DeviantArt, so we'll see.

If anyone is wanting a commission from me, that's ok just message me privately for details. I'll do a little work tidying up this place and maybe post more regularly. In the meantime, I'm back again woohoo! XD

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Animation (Non Avatar)

Per Frame
from $ 1.00
to $ 5.00


Animated (per frame)
$ 1.00
$ 2.50


Comic Panels (Depends on complexity)
from $ 1.00
to $ 5.00

Digital Drawing

Full Color with Complex Background
$ 12.50
Full Color with No Background
$ 7.50
Full Color with Simple Background
$ 10.00


Base + 12 items
$ 15.00
Color Picker
$ 5.00
add  Preloader
$ 5.00


Weasyl Banners
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00


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    just wanna say that you seem like a really nice person and if you ever wanna be friends, you're free to lemme know anytime ^w^ i'm always open for making new friends :D

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    i remember seeing you on deviantart ^w^
    i no longer use that site (due to bullies and all) but i really liked your art and still do! :3

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    Hey! I'm DaveneTheGrovyle from WorldCraft! :D
    I found you, BTW Sparks is so cute! What about my Grovyle? :3

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    Hello. :D Your arts is too adorable.

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    You too o:

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    Cute art and cute avatar!

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    Your arts are truly cute! ^^

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    Heya, Pichu! Nice to see you here, too!