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Last updated on Dec. 16th, 2021.

Eyo, thanks for stopping by to give this a read, I'm a visually-impaired Linux user, and writer at heart. Before I go on, requests are reserved for friends-only.

My hobbies include drawing, (Krita) music, (OpenMPT) fan-fiction/general writing, (LibreOffice) and programming. (Java) The person I look up to the most is Steve Demeter of Demiforce, as I was introduced to him and his work through Drymouth and its history. My favorite anime would have to be Hamtaro for the moment. I'm a privacy-minded individual, and believe that data-collection of any kind should be opt-out by default, and has to be explicitly asked for in a human-readable, non-changing manner.

I use Linux Mint as my daily-driver, and have been since April 2020. I believe in FOSS ideologies, as its community-driven, collaborative, and open environment appeal to me more than developing software intended to make ends meet one way or another. I'm an aspiring Java game-developer, but if my hobbies continue to fight internally, expect another passion to take-over. Lately, that's been music, as I enjoy listening to MODtracker/module music, and have been since 2018.

That's all I have to say for now, maybe I'll update this section on occasion as I think up more tidbits about myself.

Latest Journal

My Hamtaro Discord Server

on 1 August 2020 at 05:33:16 MDT

Hamha, it's not often I write journals. I'd usually write em in regards to important announcements and the like regarding this site and I, but this will be an exception. For those interested of course, I recently revived a long-dead (Feb. - Oct. 2018) friends-only Hamtaro fan server into a public one. I aim to do things right, such as listen to criticism/feedback, and to be just and fair to all members within it. If you're interested, the link is below, see ya there sometime. Feel free to ask me questions about it below in the journal comments.

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