Eyo, thanks for stopping by to give this a ready, I'm a visually-impaired Linux user, and writer at heart. I'm into the cutesy animes, like Hamtaro, Bonobono, and Onegai my Melody. Before I go on, requests are reserved for friends-only.

I draw my arts in Krita, compose music in OpenMPT, and write with, of course, LibreOffice.

I use Linux Mint, and usually spend my time browsing around sites, working on stuff here and there, and playing PokeMMO. I mostly chill in gen 5, channel 2 there, you might catch a glimpse of me here and there if you're lucky. My favorite Pokemon, appearance-wise, is Emolga. I'm also a Metroid fan, and wish to see more FOSS takes on the series, same goes for Turrican.

I'm an aspiring Java-gamedev, and believe in FOSS ideologies. If gamedev doesn't work out for me, I'll go for journalism, as I'm a profit < integrity/morals type of guy. Capitalism has made room for corruption to seep in, as companies and the like hunger for more and more money, and I don't like biting into that ecosystem much, that also includes surveillance.

The person I look up to the most would have to be Steve Demeter of Demiforce.

I enjoy me some MODtracker/module musics, mostly from Jogeir Liljedahl

I'm not much of a movie-goer, so my favorite move would have to be Arashi No Yoru Ni / One Stormy Night. I've heard about it through EmpLemon's video regarding MeiAIDS when it came out, although I hadn't actually seen the thing up until October 2018 through a few friends at the time.

That's all I have to say for now, maybe I'll update this section on occasion, maybe if I think up more tidbits about myself.

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My Hamtaro Discord Server

on 1 August 2020 at 05:33:16 MDT

Hamha, it's not often I write journals. I'd usually write em in regards to important announcements and the like regarding this site and I, but this will be an exception. For those interested of course, I recently revived a long-dead (Feb. - Oct. 2018) friends-only Hamtaro fan server into a public one. I aim to do things right, such as listen to criticism/feedback, and to be just and fair to all members within it. If you're interested, the link is below, see ya there sometime. Feel free to ask me questions about it below in the journal comments.

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