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Oh hello!

I haven't updated here in an eternity, wow! XD So much has happened since my last update here and I'm surprised there's still folks following me. Not to mention real life stuff which is forcing me to balance my time with work and possibly a change in work due to the wild things this year has brough…

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Updating Here

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with whatever is going on FA, I don't even know what it is about. Just remembered I have an account here, haha ^_^; I feel like I can vent a little here - The last few weeks or so have been disastrous with my art, my mojo is not kicking in as usual and life is pus…

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Commish/Trade info posted [2 SLOTS]

Hehe, I don't know why there is a 'rating' setting for journals XD Anyways commission info is finally posted on my front page. I am open for 2 slots here and exclusively to Weasyl I MAY accept a trade with someone depending on the idea, but I am more focused on commissions and getting some dress up…

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Heyo ^^

I just got started on here and a lot of my friends found me already X3 I wanted to ask, being new to this site -- what would you like to see from me here? :o There's a lot of content artwise from my other accounts and I can't decide what I should put here ^-^ Of course I need a banner too..