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Updates: House Moving and Commission Status

on 13 May 2019 at 18:53:38 MDT

Sorry for being super quiet for the pass few days x3x

The reason of being so quiet over the days is cause I was busy doing some house moving. Who's moving? My mom & I did, that's who! Along with a friend of my mom's XD

But yeah we officially moved to a new house. We've been living in the old house for about 30 years that my late grandmother was staying in for a long while. It was getting worse and worse as time passed, and even my grandmother wanted to move, but she couldn't due to some problems she had. We didn't really want to fix up the house cause it would cost us more money just to fix up the building problems that has been growing for over 30 years. But now since some updates for my mom was able to capitalize on, we finally done it, and it was long overdue~

How's the new house? LARGER (not that larger hehe) than what the previous house was. We went from a house that had only one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and 1 bathroom to a house that has a living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and 1 bathroom. Oh and a larger backyard than what we had, so our dogs have more room to move around than before. Also we have all of our utilities up in the new house: water, lights, gas, garbage, and internet =3

Now that we are settled (still got some stuff to finish setting up though) I can get back to work on commissions, though I will be juggling art commissions with my lawn care service. Right now I have a big comic commission to work on currently so I will be abit slow on progress with that. As for those on my current list, I will be taking AT LEAST 1 at a time for now so I can go down the list quicker. If I have you on my list and you wish to commission more than 1 picture from me, don't worry, I can re-add you back to the commission list. I just need to work on one picture per commissioner at a time to be more convenient ^^

Also I do have 3 commission pics to upload that I haven't done yet, so I will get to that after posting this journal. Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;;;;

So that's it for updates: House moving and commission status between lawn care.

Thanks for reading. Cyas ^^

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      I can say the same for you til you made the journal XD
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          I try to keep mine up to date when uploading new art here

          Haha alrighty then X3

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