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Hello, people!
I'm Ren, and I'm an Artist!
My goal through this gallery is to have an extra channel to spread my work!
So, feel free to browse, and I hope you all can enjoy it!

And if you're interested on commissions, I'm always open for work!
Contact me on my primary channels, via email, DeviantArt or Furaffinity!

Many thanks! And I'm honored by your support!

Latest Journal

Deviant Ban Drama [Update]

Hello there, my dear followers!

So, in the last Journal I told you about my situation on DeviantArt:

One of the worst things was (and it seems intentional) that I was cut off from the people I used to follow. So I have no clue if these suspensions were epidemic and reoccurring.

As I had no replies so far, I started to google for some similar cases, and I found a similar case from 2020, and the person could not recover its account. A person with 4k followers was wrongly banned and had the followers erased. Very shameful for a platform the size of DeviantArt.

So, when things go bad, we start to get suspicious and conspiratory, and I started to elaborate some theories.

Here in my country where private companies are very corrupt, there is a typical maneuver.
If you are laid off for no reason, companies have to pay you an unemployment insurance for around three months, so you still have an income while you for a new job. BUT if you quit, you get no benefits.
So, for the company it's easy: When they want you to go, they just the work environment unbearable enough so you quit on your own.

And what I theorize here is we are witnessing a post-modern design for a massive lay-off.
DeviantArt used to be good, and got greedy over the years as it is unavoidable with any company that grows too much.
They massively benefited from Artists feeding content in the last years, and now we are reaching the age of AI generated images, which is faster and generate more clicks, regardless of the dubious quality and morality behind it.

As our relationship with DA isn't exactly like a Job, they can't just lay us off.
So like the example I gave, they just have to make the platform less and less friendly to real Artists, and we will just go away by our own, as they convert into a AI image bank overtime.

With that in mind, here's the thing. If you're with them, you at least have some protection from being scraped on AI datasets (funny thing, they protecting us against themselves). If you're out, you got nothing.
Even worse, if by chance someone impersonates you and feed the dataset with your content, you're vulnerable.

So my current strategy will be I won't quit DA yet, but I won't feed them content either, I will just watch them closely. Friends close and enemies closer, right? Too bad an almost two decades relationship had to end up like this, but it is out in the open, absolutely NO company is to be trusted.

After that shameful advertising from Wacom using AI images, it is clear not only they do anything for profit, they'll be the first ones to shameless do it.

"It's a big club, and you are not in it. You and I are not in the big club. They don't care about you, they don't care about you at all." - George Carlin

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Full Body Commissions

Tier-1 - Sketch
$ 50.00
Tier-2 - Lines and/or Flat Colors
$ 70.00
Tier-3 - Full Colors
$ 160.00

Half-Body Commissions

Tier-1 - Sketch
$ 25.00
Tier-2 - Lines and/or Flat Colors
$ 50.00
Tier-3 - Full Colors
$ 120.00

Portrait/Bust Commissions

Tier-1 - Sketch
$ 15.00
Tier-2 - Lines and/or Flat Colors
$ 30.00
Tier-3 - Full Colors
$ 100.00

If you want a faster reply, please send an email to:

The provided prices are for a standard single character, and will be increased according to the Complexity of the character, Number of Characters, and necessity of a specific complex background.

Don't forget to contact me with a description and/or references, for an Accurate Price quote!




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    np! i really like your style, i was looking for an artist to draw my new D&D character soon-ish, and i found you rather quickly, hopefully you're down to draw a hotty bunnyman

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    Hey, it's me! Commissioned that Jet Force Gemini project from you a while back. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for the generic compliment shout on my page! haha. ;-)

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    Thank you for the watch!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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    wow, i wish i had money XD your scalies are epic. i want to do commisions to get money, but nobody wants to BUY my art...

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    Hohoooly damn. Your use of color is so dramatic and heavy, and I love all of it. Everything just pops.

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    ~slaps butt~

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    Awesome gallery!