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Hello, I'm foxgamer01. I'm an amateur writer and photographer who cannot draw without a ruler. I like foxes, history, video games, reading, pokemon, dragons, wolves, coyotes, kitsunes, The Beatles, music, and all of my family and friends.

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Life as a Ninetales-Being edited (It was for a group story thing less than a decade ago and the one in charged of it never got back with me about it. I think I'll start my own Ninetales TF piece in the future.)
Ho-Oh TF-Done
Lugia TF-Done
Fox and Wolf TFs-Done
Fines Malum-Done
Dragon TF-Done
Werewolf TF-Done
Fur Trade-Done
The Wonder of Dreams-Done(Being rewritten)
Husky TF-Done
Corbyn and Meteo Love TF Story-Done
Midday-Mew Request-Done
The Story With No Name-Done
Griffin TF-Done
Midday-Mew Art Trade-Done
A Camping TF - A V8 Request Story-Done
Califox TF or HILTSWAHAE-Done
Their Furry Fate-Done
Ty's Pirates and the Cursed Treasure-Done
Jackal TF-Done
Ashes and Portents-Done
The Pokémon Prometheus-Done
A Thief in the Night-Done
The Pokémon Prometheus - Maya Story-Done
Dragon Warrior TF-Done
Mewtaur and TwoMewtwo TF - A Midday Art Trade-Done
Daren and the Temple of Pancakes-Done
A Big Braixen Problem-Done
Daren and the Temples of Embiggening-Done
A Lion to Remember-Done
The Dragon Knight-Done
Aleph's Foxy Adventures-Done
The Dragon Mage-Done
The Legend of Machamp-Done
A Name More-Done
The Pokémon Prometheus 2-WIP (Pretty sure it'll be at least doubletriple the length of the first story by the time it's done.)
Snivy TF-WIP (Maybe, this will be written. And start a three-part short story storyline.)
The Demise of O-Ren and the Return of Daren-WIP/Being Rewritten (I want to do this, but it won't be a short story. >.|.>; )
Deviant Reunion/Battlefield-WIP (One day, I'll write this story down. Maybe.)

The Room-Done
The Flight-Done
Nuclear War-Done
Faith's Twitter Story-Done
A-Fox Ranks Up-Done
A Kitsune Thief-Done
Saria's Walk-Done
A Kitsune Thief 2-Done

Latest Journal


I know I am a bit late in posting this. And by a bit, I mean I planned on posting at least two hours after Prologue. I admit that I got lazy.

In any case, here is where you can ask me questions. While I like the main focus to be on Once Upon a Time in England and The Werewolf Connection, I am opening this for everything regarding my stories and characters. I do have a couple of rules, however.

One is no sexual-related questions. Even after entering my thirties, I am still shy about it and still have my filters up. If you like it, that is fine. I am just one of those guys who does not like seeing people nude (yet thinks big-breasted people are OK). The most you guys can ask about is shipping-related stuff.

Two is regarding spoilers, which will be a tricky one. To explain, I am willing to share spoilers, particularly those on projects that went nowhere or so off the writing table that it could take years until I write them, if that. I admit that my ‘saga,’ The Legend of the Fox, is way too ambitious for one guy to do. Heck, much of the current stuff I am writing involving Daren Crevan and the others these days is in the third arc, which I dub ‘He’s Counting Down.’ So, I am willing to share plans regarding my saga. Just know that I will not share spoilers for some of the projects I am certain to write (The Pokémon Prometheus 3).

Those are the rules. I may add more, but that depends on the questions I will get.

In any case, ask away!

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