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    Hello ALLMIGHTY admit, hope you are doing well

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    this isnt a bug, but i wanted to offer a suggestion!! maybe it already is an option, but as far as i can find, you cant add one submission to multiple folders in your gallery. i think itd be nice to be able to have a submission in multiple folders!

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    Noticed a curious pattern.

    Whenever I update/look at my profile page, the pageviews counter increases by 1. (If I haven't recently already been on the page that is.)
    I somehow doubt that my random occasional refreshing to check for new notifications precisely aligns with other users visiting my page.

    Might it be the case that the counter doesn't ignore the owner of the page/content? Since the same happens for submissions too.

    I don't regard it as majorly important, but a minor annoyance. (Given that even Youtube among others haven't bothered fixing this on their own platform.)

    Could also be fun to have a stats page where one can view the statistics graphed over time. Hour to hour could be adequate resolution. (It would just need to store an integer for how many views the submission had at the end of the hour. And similarly for comments and likes. Exactly how to compress the dataset so that it won't eat up 205.5 GB/year with the current number of submissions (and if using 32 bit values) is however debatable. This comment is already a text wall, so won't include my own implementation.)

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    I can't upload any images. :( I get a Cloudflare error.

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    I was unable to find a particular page on here related to submitting feedback, like under Community or Support at the bottom for suggestions and ideas. I wanted to request an option in the user settings to disable the popup confirmation regarding removing checked notifications. If I checked them, its safe to assume I am ready to remove them. The confirmation should only be for nuke everything, in my opinion. But I thought it would work better as an option people can enable and disable on their own, for user choice.

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    So I'm not the only one, this is happening too, but when I try to upload a picture for my character, I get bad gateway error.

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    I haven't been around on this site for a very long long time. I have over 4,000 submission notifications, but I can't find a way to sort by oldest first, or even to get to the oldest without clicking "next" 300 times.. is there a way? Your "next" generates a URL with a random number at the top which means I can't just type "Pg=90" in it to get to the end of it quickly..

    I came back here to see if I could use the submission system to submit some RPs and such I had, now that pastebin blocks that content.

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    Hello almighty admin, is there a limit as to how many submissions you can upload day? I ask because there's someone spamming art, making it hard to view other people's art on the front page.