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Testing Markdown

on 15 April 2014 at 21:35:09 MDT

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Also testing journal editing

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    I haven't been around on this site for a very long long time. I have over 4,000 submission notifications, but I can't find a way to sort by oldest first, or even to get to the oldest without clicking "next" 300 times.. is there a way? Your "next" generates a URL with a random number at the top which means I can't just type "Pg=90" in it to get to the end of it quickly..

    I came back here to see if I could use the submission system to submit some RPs and such I had, now that pastebin blocks that content.

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    Hello almighty admin, is there a limit as to how many submissions you can upload day? I ask because there's someone spamming art, making it hard to view other people's art on the front page.

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    Hello, weasyl admin. What does a user’s name in a different font, colored red and crossed out mean? Thanks in advance!

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      It means they’re banned.

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    hi! i have an idea, is it okay to make a suggestion? :3
    do you think it'll be better if the embedded vimeo was the same size as the embedded youtube? i noticed vimeo vids tend to be alot smaller than youtube videos, and i feel it might be better for vimeo users if they where both the same size
    i really love this site btw! you're doing a great job ^w^

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    Just wanted to drop off a complement and some odd questions...
    First, this site is so polished and nice looking. I really love it.

    My odd questions:
    How scalable is the database table? Is it a SQL server type? I'm not a programmer and I'm actually asking on behalf of someone else, but the person that wants to know will understand a pretty deep answer, even if I don't understand the question. :P

    What, in your opinion, would be the probably of an independent programmer, using the open source code, to modify it into a standard social media network, like Facebook? A simple answer will be very helpful, but if you want to give more detail that'd be great.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and again, this site is amazing. Your team has done a great job.