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Hello there! I'm new to Weasyl, but I'm an old-timer to the fandom.

A Little About Myself

  • I'm a classic INTP. The best way to sum me up is an old-fashioned scholar who's had to adapt to a modern world. I prefer the quiet night by the fireplace compared to going out to a bar or club. I'm that kind of guy who makes a cosplay just to play with various tools and creative processes, but then doesn't bother wearing it anywhere because I don't like to go to public laces. (Doh...)
  • I tend to keep things clean. You're not gonna see much, if anything, in the way of smut here. I do include adult themes, but no pornography. I consider adult themes those with serious tones that aren't suited for, or appreciated by, a younger audience.
  • You know we've gotten close if I start being a cuddly goofball.
  • As far as hobbies go. I love worldbuilding, writing, game design, music composition, creating colognes, and other creative outlets. Though one of my all-time favorites is running tabletop roleplaying games. I've run and/or played a ton of systems, though my main now is Savage Worlds.
  • I'm an exile from FurAffinity since I sometimes use AI generation for various parts of my visual art, though usually for background details and minor parts. Since they decided on a whim that AI art is verboten, I've decided to at long last pack up and leave.

Creative Outlets

  • Music Composition: I've written quite a bit of music over the years, including soundtracks for various indie games.
  • Game Design: Published some books, made various ttrpg products. Didn't get widespread sales yet, but it was very fun to do and even now I still frequently dabble in it.
  • Traditional Artwork: My go to for visual art.
  • AI Art: I use AI art sometimes to fill in stuff, mostly backgrounds and other tedious, unimportant elements of a picture. I get some people don't like AI art, but having read deeply into it and having both been an artist and hired artists myself, I don't see it as problematic.
  • Fragrances: I make my own cologne, but I also greatly enjoy studying colognes and have quite a collection.
  • Writing: One of my oldest hobbies is world-building.

Troll me and you'll find out just how quickly I can block someone. I don't give warnings, period. This is the closest thing to a warning you're gonna get. ;3




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