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Hello there! I'm new to Weasyl, but I'm an old-timer to the fandom.

A Little About Myself

  • I'm a classic INTP. The best way to sum me up is an old-fashioned scholar who's had to adapt to a modern world. I prefer the quiet night by the fireplace compared to going out to a bar or club. I'm that kind of guy who makes a cosplay just to play with various tools and creative processes, but then doesn't bother wearing it anywhere because I don't like to go to public laces. (Doh...)
  • I tend to keep things clean. You're not gonna see much, if anything, in the way of smut here. I do include adult themes, but no pornography. I consider adult themes those with serious tones that aren't suited for, or appreciated by, a younger audience.
  • You know we've gotten close if I start being a cuddly goofball.
  • As far as hobbies go. I love worldbuilding, writing, game design, music composition, creating colognes, and other creative outlets. Though one of my all-time favorites is running tabletop roleplaying games. I've run and/or played a ton of systems, though my main now is Savage Worlds.
  • I'm an exile from FurAffinity since I sometimes use AI generation for various parts of my visual art, though usually for background details and minor parts. Since they decided on a whim that AI art is verboten, I've decided to at long last pack up and leave.

Creative Outlets

  • Music Composition: I've written quite a bit of music over the years, including soundtracks for various indie games.
  • Game Design: Published some books, made various ttrpg products. Didn't get widespread sales yet, but it was very fun to do and even now I still frequently dabble in it.
  • Traditional Artwork: My go to for visual art.
  • AI Art: I use AI art sometimes to fill in stuff, mostly backgrounds and other tedious, unimportant elements of a picture. I get some people don't like AI art, but having read deeply into it and having both been an artist and hired artists myself, I don't see it as problematic.
  • Fragrances: I make my own cologne, but I also greatly enjoy studying colognes and have quite a collection.
  • Writing: One of my oldest hobbies is world-building.

Troll me and you'll find out just how quickly I can block someone. I don't give warnings, period. This is the closest thing to a warning you're gonna get. ;3


Latest Journal

Anyone Interested in Worldbuilding Stuff?

Hey everybody, Marquis Alastair here.

I'm relatively new to this website and I'm still uploading a lot of my older work before I start getting to newer stuff. Though I'm pacing it so it's not this massive dump of submissions. That said, I've been on the fence about uploading actual worldbuilding stuff from my character's setting. I was wondering about if there's even an interest for that sort of thing here. (Also it's kind of cool you can publish journals here, as that'd be super useful in asking the whole community stuff. :D)

So would you be interested in seeing worldbuilding stuff and details of my character's setting? It'd include locations, culture, villains, etc. Please lemme know. If there isn't all that much interest, then I probably won't upload it here. But if there is, and you'd like to see more about his fascinating occult-steampunk superheroic world, please lemme know!


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    Hey your discord invite didn’t work. Also happy late birthday.

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    Thanks for the fav. (I don't know how anybody found it, since I hardly ever use this site.)

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      No problem. This is the only furry website I use. x3

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        Ah. Well, I'm afraid to say I won't be uploading more chapters since weasyl keeps claiming that the thumbnail is a "duplicate" file. :(

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          That's a darn shame. Please let me know if you continue. I like your work... Hmm, what if you uploaded the images but with chapter titles? Maybe make it look stylized, fancy, and draw people in as they'd see it as part of a series. Surely, they couldn't flag something like that as a duplicate. :D