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Social Black Hole No More!

on 4 February 2016 at 07:21:38 MST

Hey guys!

For people who remember me (who I assume is few and far between but that is totally fine I get that) I'm making this journal on all the social media sites that I was ever active on just to give people an explanation of what's been happening with me and what's changed recently that has allowed me to better my position :3

So around 6 years ago at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with depression, and I was given the choice between family counselling (as my GP had noticed other things happening in the household) or to be put on Prozac. As my parents weren't too sympathetic towards me as they were wrapped up in their own problems and never really gave me the support I needed when I was growing up, I was coerced into taking the Prozac. To this day I think it did a lot more harm than good.

Between that time and now, I have been getting steadily worsening cluster migraine and tension headaches that have been taking over my life. Although I don't think that the Prozac was the sole cause of my current condition, I do think it was a contributing factor. These cluster migraines make it extremely hard to think straight, make coherent sentences, and to not feel agitated when I have them. In the past two years or so they have gone from being a "one day in a week or two" to a "most days in a month" occurrence.

All medications I've been prescribed have not been effective in treating them, until these recent ones I've been given called Topiramate. I can honestly say that so far they seem to have alleviated most of the migraine symptoms. I still have painful tension headaches but they are bearable, and lessen if I practice mindfulness meditation. I have this "inner calmness" back that I've been missing for a long, long time, and it feels so good. The only downside I seem to have from taking Topiramate (of which the side effect list is long and scary) is drowsiness, but the longer I take it, the less drowsy I seem to become - and regular exercise helps immensely too ^.=.^

So that is why I basically went 100% dark on social media over the past 2-3-4 years, because I couldn't even deal with myself let alone other people xD But I seem to be doing better now! I resurrected my Twitter account www.twitter.com/DragoshiUk if you care to follow me. I tweet about techy stuff, furry stuff, secondlife stuff, modelling stuff, stuffffffff stuff, yknow. I've been active on there for a consecutive 2 days! Can I do it for 3? Do you even want me to? Fuck if I know, but I'm going to try anyway!

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