Hey, it's me, Jotie! I am a video gamer Moon Fox whom enjoys... well... Video games! I am just an average everyday thing that likes to hang out with others and lurk around places. If you wish to communicate with me, do not be afraid! I am a pretty friendly fellow and possibly one of the least scary things you can run into! I mean, when was the last time you ran into a creature whom can manipulate gravity and forgets how to gravity once in the blue moon with floating tail rings that no matter how hard you try, you just pull me along?

Also! I like to write stories as a hobby. I promise you that I write them. I just don't normally write that much nor have been working on any lately. Eventually I will feel brave enough to publish some on here!

My favorite hobbies: Writing stories, Roleplaying, Video Games and overall art lover!
My favorite animals: Foxes, Cats, Rabbits, Bears... AAH screw it, I love ALL animals!
My favorite mythical beings: Dragons, Nine-tailed Foxes, Wyverns, Demons, Anubians, Hybrids, etc.
My favorite music: Everything.

My favorite food: Anything edible.


Jotie Tamaro

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NEED HELP! Please Vote! And Jotie's Sona Is A Vaporeon!

on 11 October 2016 at 04:00:27 MDT

Stephen - Crossfire

There has been a huge conflict with me for the longest time, trying to decide if Jotie should be a special case of Vaporeon for having biological parents that happens to be a Lucario and Espeon. Given if people read between the lines whenever Jotie shows off her powers, she actually seem to have more abilities than most. Mainly most would realize she is capable of using 'Detect' showing she did have a parent that happens to be a Lucario. There is even hints of some sort of hidden Aura within her too.

My main question for this! Should Jotie have special powers that gives her Psychic Powers, Fighting abilities, and a lot more physically defensive than most traditional Vaporeons? What do you guys think? Please copy and paste the one you think would work/put in the number next to your answer! And if you want to, explain why you think so!

1) She should have all of that!
2) I think she should only have Psychic and Fighting Powers, but not that physically defensive.
3) I think she should only have Psychic Powers
4) I think she should only have Fighting Powers
5) She should be traditional, but she can be more Physically Defensive!
6) She should have traditional Vaporeon Powers
7) Other (Put answer below and why)

Please, this will help me out quite a bit!

Another thing that came across my mind, I also have a thing about Jotie... I might revert back to the original concept of Jotie Tamaro. Many not know this, but in real life when I was very young, I was REALLY into Pokemon, Star Fox, and especially Redwall, mainly considering it's all I really get to play and read when I was a lot younger. Krystal was originally created as a two-tailed blue fox lady, and was my first 'fursona' at the age of four, fleshed out a little bit around the age of 6. When I got older, I wanted to create Jotie. And during that time, I created Jotie as a Vaporeon, except with white skin and tried to have blue markings here and there. Eventually when new seasons of Pokemon games came out... Krystal eventually adopted to Glaceon over Leafeon. Zuki was another creation that happens to be a Umbreon. I couldn't decide which, until then. Many of my characters revolved around Pokemon realistically. But in a deep secret due to a lot of things going on in my past.

I did make them as Elves, because who doesn't like those flower sniffing dainties? Well, obviously I kind of did. That's when I slowly created a custom race during my teenage years, which are the Lunarian, Solarian, and Terrani. While I do like the original concept of them, I just... I don't know... Don't feel as connected to them as I originally thought. It only took me til this year to finally bring back the original concept of Jotie and the crew as Pokemorphs I have been hearing about. I do blame someone for that~ He's... been always there helping me, while I always want to be there for him... And it has already been a year since I've known him. I won't give out who it is, but... It really meant a lot.

Anyways... yeah. The Lunarian, Solarian, and Terrani races will still exist, but... Jotie the Vaporeon is and will most likely be my main focus from now on. There might still be pictures of Jotie the Lunarian from time to time, but... She won't be as noticable as most would probably would like... I'm sorry about that. But I am dead-set on this.

6969 - Ninja Sex Party

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