Some updates if anyone cares by Cyborg-Lucario

For those who are wondering (or cares) so am I fine at the moment, there may be certain uncertainties regarding the future, but I'm fine.

I'm getting closer to finishing my book Tales of Brehnna, there's just some illustrations for it that I need to get done before I can get it to a publisher, since I want to make sure that people will be reading it.

I have also started working on issue three of Magus Doe after a period of anxiety, but I have been thinking since I visited a psychologist that maybe I should get these comics published by someone too, because it seems like publishing them myself online haven't helped since barely anyone bothers with it even though that's a project I love making

Some may be asking why I'm not putting them up for free here if I want people to read them, and my answer is a no.
I put a lot of work into them and I live alone with my cat, so I can't sadly do everything for free.

The comics may not have any kind of fetishes in them, but they're still cool and filled with action.

I have the thought of making a FAQ (frequently asked questions), but I'm not sure if I have gotten enough questions to warrant one, so what are you waiting for?
Ask me right here on this journal or go to my CuriousCat to ask me anything (or ask my characters):

I got nothing else to say at the moment, so I will keep working on my book and comics, so please understand if things are going slowly around here.

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Some updates if anyone cares


5 September 2019 at 15:55:29 MDT

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