Super Smash Bros Direct and commissions by Cyborg-Lucario

Let me just say that the Smash Direct yesterday was awesome! ^^
I mean, up to eight players at the same time, Mario Party mode and about a million more things in the Wii U version than in the 3DS version.
Also, Mewtwo is gonna be a DLC character, so Melee kids will be pretty happy about that.

Though people seems to be scratching at the bottom of the barrel to see if Ridley is planned to be a playable character, but I don't buy that. I think it's already pretty rad of them having Ridley as a stage boss that you can get on your side just by being the first to slap his face.

And about commissions. I have decided that there won't be holding limited que spots anymore, because I'm not big enough to get people streaming in and throwing money at me. So I'll make it simple by just putting your name in the journal if you're interested.

I'll remind you that I'm only accepting money through Paypal, and will not be accepting points anymore.

Price sheet:

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Super Smash Bros Direct and commissions


24 October 2014 at 14:34:58 MDT

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