Past the midway point by Cyborg-Lucario

Another week is soon gone and I would say it has been good, except that I'm not getting enough money due to some bull crap.
But then, I still have a sale going on this month, so I guess that's good for someone who can't find a good job in my city.
It would help a lot if someone commissioned me.

I'm also salty that my copy of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia didn't arrive yesterday even though the store I ordered from sent it so I should get it in time for the release day. I mean, that store has always had a good service and the post office aren't usually that dumb. Head desk
The worst part is that they don't work on weekends, which means I have to wait until Monday to get my copy (unless I get it today miraculously enough).

But hey, at least I finished a video before the end of the month!:

But I hope you all had a better time than me.

Past the midway point


20 May 2017 at 05:07:59 MDT

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