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Preparing for the studies by Cyborg-Lucario

I booked the college test yesterday, which means that if I manage to beat it, then I will get a good chance to get to a college or university where I can further learn about game design. That or the comic artist school in Malmö.
Anyway, I hope I will manage it.

If I do beat it and get accepted to a college of my choice, then there might be a chance that I need to move to the city where said college is, because I can't afford both an apartment in my city (Halmstad) and a student apartment. And I can't just leave my cats behind. :(

Though moving might still cost a lot and there are the issue with finding one in the first place. It sucks to not have lots of cash sometimes.

If you want so is the september sale is still going. Here's the pricesheet: Just order your commission by note and I will cut the price by 20%. No, scratch that. NOW THE PRICES ARE 50% OFF! I won't cut my prices any lower than that!

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Preparing for the studies


8 September 2015 at 06:22:24 MDT

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