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Good news by Cyborg-Lucario

I got a phone call from the hospital (a late phone call), and they said that the tests showed that I did not in fact have fungus in my skin. So that's a really good thing.
But I guess that means what I have is still psoriasis, and I need to take better care of it.
Though the doctor will send me a letter with the test results and probably a new time for us to meet (which was also kind of late, mostly due to the doctor having a vacation at that time it would have taken to originally send the letter).

Oh and I got the chance to get a bonus card for ICA Maxi, part of the ICA corporation of malls and stores throughout Sweden. It's either the Swedish version of Walmart, or Target. Since its letters are mostly Red, so do I have to guess Target. Why would a bonus card be a good thing when I'm short on money? Because they giving out an offer for 200 SEK ($21,66) cut. And amongst the offer so was there also a 10% cheap ticket when buying there. So of course I took the chance to buy enough food and bathing/shower articles I could get for 200 SEK (ok, it went a tiny bit over that, but I had enough money in my wallet to pay the rest).

So yeah, I may be complaining about people not paying attention to me when I need it, but I should actually try and see myself as lucky that things like that does happen to me.

The poll for my next LP is still going btw.


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Good news


11 August 2015 at 03:11:34 MDT

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