Progress report by Cyborg-Lucario

Hi, Cyborg-Lucario here.
I just like to tell you all that work on my top ten games of 2017 video is going smoothly and that there's a chance that it will be finished this week. Hopefully you will like this video or at least think it's good but with some flaws (and no, pointing out how stupid my voice is is not constructive criticism).

And I'm also still working on the first issue of Magus Doe, which I will be able to get done faster once I finish the video. And when this comic is done so will I put it up on e-junkie for... $5 I guess?
I mean it's 23 pages + bonus material. The only way I can make it cheaper is if I had ads in it, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants that. XD

With at least one of these projects getting closer to get finished so am I confident that I will have time to do commissions again.

Or you know, you can always support me on Patreon ($1 is enough if you're worried about money):

Right... I also need to finish my monthly Patreon comic Sweden Tour this year too. At least I don't have that many pages left to work on.

When it comes to plans this year so do I hope to afford a trip to Disneyland Paris (something that sadly didn't happen last year), or being able to afford a fursuit. You know for videos or just going around in for fun.
I also need to get better at talking with my friends even though I have them on Skype, Discord, Steam, Twitter, and Tumblr (I have tried Facebook twice, and both times my account got suspended because I didn't use my real name (Facebook can be so fascist at times)).
I can only blame myself for thinking I'm too busy to talk with people.

I just hope things will turn brighter in the future and that my efforts will not be in vain.
How are you all doing by the way?

Progress report


7 February 2018 at 07:04:54 MST

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