Rules about commissions by Cyborg-Lucario

I think it would be for the best if I put up a list of things I'm ok with drawing, and what I'm not ok drawing. This doesn't just go for commissions, but for art-trades too.

What I'm willing to draw
Fat furs (male and female)
Vore (only oral (which means through the mouth)
Fan characters and characters from corporately owned properties (what can I say? Fan-arts is fun to do. :P )
Hyper (breasts or butts)
Straight couples (I have already one or two official couples)

What I may try
Mpreg (I know, it can get creepy. Especially on humans. But other times so do I think the concept is funny. But no humans)
Lesbian or gay couples (from what I have seen, so can they be kind of cute)
Humans (though there are some limits I'm putting here)

What I won't do
Vore that's anything other than oral (it's creepy, all the ways people thinks food should go other than through the mouth)
Sex scenes (I have drawn one, but never finished it as I felt uncomfortable doing it)
Multibreasts (I don't see the appeal in it)
Hyper cocks (here's the evidence that I'm straight. Though seeing drawings of furs with large balls makes me feel weird. Jealousy?)
Multi cocks (I don't care if some species actually has a two headed cock, I don't like it)
Hermaphrodites.... and here I heard the social justice alarm going. But seriously, I have nothing against hermaphrodites. I have never met one, and only heard about their problems from other people. I'm pretty sure that I might become a good friend with one if I met one, but I'm not attracted to someone who'se somewhere between male or female. And I'm not a fan of making already existing characters into herms because it seems to me like those people want to have a male version of a female character but then realises that making them men would remove what they found attractive. So they just adds a penis on them.

This journal was not meant to be a rant. The thing about hermaphrodites was an after thought

Requests: CLOSED
Art-trades: OPEN
Commissions: OPEN

Rules about commissions


25 March 2015 at 09:00:43 MDT

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