This journal needs to be updated. by Cyborg-Lucario

Long time since I updated my journal (at least here). So gonna say that I'm working on some projects here. Among others a drawing that I'm working hard on, a countdown, and a review. The last two still being scripted.

I have been wondering about art-trades. I don't have the money to buy commissions (technically I do now, but I'm saving that money for some other, and more important things), so I think it could be nice to just exchange a piece of art by me with another artist for a piece of art made by them.
But because I'm working hard on that drawing I mentioned earlier, so am I not sure if I will have time to.

But when it comes to commissions, which are still 20% off, so am I ready to take a break from working on that image so that I can work on the commissions I get.
Because if someone pays me to draw something, then I will have to do it quickly so that person will get all his/her money worth.

So with that said.... how are you all doing? :3

Requests: CLOSED
Art-Trades: Maybe
Commissions: OPEN

This journal needs to be updated.


19 January 2015 at 13:25:55 MST

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