I miss using Vegas Pro by Cyborg-Lucario

I really wish to get enough money to buy Sony Vegas Pro 13 because the trial version ended yesterday. And since I can't afford it so do I have to try using other video editing softwares and try to understand how they work.
Some people may say Sony Vegas Pro is harder than most other softwares, but for me so did Sony Vegas Pro feel natural for me to use (that and I may have seen some tutorial of it sometime). Seriously, all the other softwares I have tried felt either too limited or like crap. :(

Too bad Vegas Pro 13 costs a lot of money (or your firstborn child) and that even if there's lots of people coming and commissioning me, so would I still not be able to have enough money for it.
I may have it as a Patreon goal, but who knows when I will reach that goal. :/

Oh well, at least commissions and Patreon will at least give me money to better survive.

Another way for me to survive is if you buy some of my characters, and yes, I'm glad that I got at least one of them sold. That means there's at least some interest. :)

In other news. I'm glad that Masahiro Sakurai finally got his well deserved long vacation after working on Super Smash Bros for so long.

I miss using Vegas Pro


9 February 2016 at 13:15:03 MST

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