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Still trying to survive by Cyborg-Lucario

Hi there, it's been a while since my last journal, but here we are.
I'm still hoping that my financial situation will be resolved, even though there's only a month left...
I just want to get some money to pay my bills and repay my parents who has stood for the bills and rent the last few months since I don't want to be more in dept to them.

When it comes to commissions so do I wonder if my prices are good or if I need to raise them a bit, but what do you all think about it?

Otherwise so have I been writing my book "Tales of Brehhna", and there's a chance that I will done with the writing part this month, then I will do the illustrations for it, and after that so will I get a publisher to help me get the book sold (and maybe even proof read and make sure it will be as good as possible). The book will be first released in Swedish, but I hope me and the publisher can make it so that it can be released in English as well so that my friends outside of Sweden will be able to read it too.

And today (2019-08-23) at 8:00pm so will I be streaming Dragon Quest XI over at Twitch. The Switch may only have it as a demo so far, but considering how it can take ten hours to be done with it, and that you can continue what you started there in the full game so do I think it's a good thing to play.
Donations are optional, but would still be nice if you did.

Will make another announcement about the stream when the time comes.

I have also tried to work on the third issue of Magus Doe again (which I'm worried that no one will buy since I'm uncertain how much you actually care about the characters and stories I make).

With that said so do I wonder how you all are doing? I hope you have it better than I am.

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Still trying to survive


23 August 2019 at 05:46:49 MDT

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