Soon this one will get old by Cyborg-Lucario

Next week is my birthday, just wanted to let you know. But I wonder sometimes if people are reading journals, which would be a shame if they didn't, because they would miss out on some things.

It also makes me unsure of if most of my watchers are unable to help me or refuses to support me or taken me seriously, but I'm certain that you can't be that bad.

But anyway, next week so will I be 30, that's right, I'm becoming an old jackal.
Until then so do I keep working on the third issue of Magical Guardian Magus Doe, and you can buy the two current issues of it here as always:

Will probably do a one shot comic that will also be sold on Gumroad after I'm done with it.

If any of you youn'un are complainin about me not putting my comic for free, then get off my lawn!
But for the rest of you so do I hope you will have a good day.

And something that you can do for free is to ask me or any of my characters over here:

Until next time, see ya!

Update: I got an art raffle over at Twitter if anybody wants a chance to get free art of their character:

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Soon this one will get old


24 April 2019 at 16:36:52 MDT

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