Kind of surprised by my spirit animal by Cyborg-Lucario

Since my alternative fursona is a jackal so did the thought hit me to see what they say about jackals as a spirit animal for shit and giggles.

To my surprise so did it show that it actually was very accurate to how I am personally. Really, it’s such a great coincidence that the animal my favourite Pokémon is based on also happens to really be one that fits me well with my personality.

Bonus point for it being artistic and connected to the western zodiac of Taurus and, the chinese zodiac of Snake. Two signs also known for being artistic.

Still surprised that my spirit animal is the one I made only because Lucario was based on one just happened to actually be my spirit animal. o.O

So I guess I would go on and get an operation to turn me into a jackal hybrid as long as it doesn’t result in me being dirt poor. XD

(To be honest so am I not sure if it would be a good idea even it that kind of operation was possible)

Kind of surprised by my spirit animal


28 February 2016 at 01:36:27 MST

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