Commissions are still open by Cyborg-Lucario

I would say that's all, but I really want to talk about other things too. Like Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
It looks awesome as far as I have seen. They have changed up mechanics slightly and changed the moves for certain characters, like Peach's neutral B attack is no longer holding up toad as a meat shield, but instead have the little guy standing in front of the princess and protect her willingly.

Oh and Daisy is not an alternative skin for Peach, but a clone character... I mean Echo Fighter. Lucina and Dark Pit are also Echo Fighters now (not sure if Doctor Mario). I think it means that they don't have separate spots on the character menu.
I wonder how many more Echo Fighters they will have since they obviously can't have just a few. It gives so many opportunities for characters that may be similar to others to get in (like Shadow the Hedgehog for example being Sonic's Echo Fighter).
Link is based on his Breath of the Wild incarnation, which means that his move set has been changed too what with him controlling when his bombs will explode. There are also other stuff about him, which means that Young Link and Toon Link are now standing out better from the adult Link.

Have I mentioned that Ultimate has every single character and stages from all previous Smash games? Now I have!

Ganondorf also uses his swords when he attacks, making him less of a Captain Falcon clone.

Ubisoft showed more of their Toy to Life game Starlink, which may look good and interesting but didn't exactly interest me. That is until they announced that Fox McCloud will be an exclusive guest character for the Switch version. For those who have seen my Twitch Stream reaction to the conference, you know how hyped I got by it.

But yeah, it will certainly be a lot of games this year. Something I may not be able to get due to my economy. ^_^;

Speaking about economy... as the title of this journal said so am I still open for commissions.
You can pay either through Paypal or with dA points. I may only be able to use the points to prolong my dA core membership or commission certain artists that do accept points, but that's still good I guess (even if actual money would be preferred).

Feel free to ask about my commissions. I did update the information of it in the description of the price sheet, but please go ahead and ask me anything you want.

How are you all doing anyway? Excited for any new games this year?

Commissions are still open


17 June 2018 at 04:35:26 MDT

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