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September Commission Sale by Cyborg-Lucario

During the month of September so will I have a 20% sale, but I will actually start today! Crazy right? :P

Am I in need of money? Not really. I just wanted to have a sale that is all. (People like savings too)
But It could be good to have money since while I do pay a monthly for my new microphone and graphic card, so can it still be taxing on me.

I know I'm not the best artist, but I'm always striving to improve myself (shading is something I really need to get better at), and I hope you can trust me to make a good picture for you.

Speaking of being a good artist. If I was better at drawing, then I would have made a fundraiser like other artists are doing where people are donating money to see a character get fatter or more buff or etc. I would have one for something like being able to afford a costume (I still can't believe that a newest and expensivest graphic cards are cheaper than a fursuit). But since I found a site where you can get materials for cheap, so will I get make my own suit (even though I'm horrible at using sewing machines).

I have nothing more to announce for now. So tell me how you all have been? :3

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Art-trades: OPEN
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September Commission Sale


30 August 2015 at 09:02:01 MDT

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