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Am I doing something wrong? by Cyborg-Lucario

My comic has been up on E-Junkie for a month and even though the word has spread around about it so has no one bought a copy (digital). And that makes me wonder what I did wrong since no one ever tells me anything when it comes to personal projects like these.
$3,66 seems to be cheap enough, or fairly priced. So I don't know if that's the problem.

Are people who follows me not interested in super hero stories? Do people think I suck too much and won't even give me a chance?

Will people even be more interested when I finishes issue 2 and put it up for sale?

My free trial for E-Junkie is ending soon, so it makes me wonder if it's worth paying a monthly fee for it if people are not interested in buying anything from me.

If anyone reads this and are interested in checking my comic out, then you can do it here:

Things like this makes me wonder if I even should accept commissions and art-trades. :(

Am I doing something wrong?


3 May 2018 at 04:00:25 MDT

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