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Well, everything's fine so far I think. I did preorder a Wii U at Gamestop with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (though I probably should have preorered Super Bomberman R too just to show Konami that people are interested in console games and not freaking Pachinko machines).

I'm also editing the finale of my Let's Play of Wario Land the Shake Dimension (or Shake It for the Yanks out there), and next week, a new series of Let's Plays will start (I'm even gonna have a teaser for it at the end of the finale). Though I do wonder sometimes if I should do a review instead.
Eh, I could probably do that when I'm done with it.

There's nothing more to talk about at the moment. Except one last thing. I may have said that you shouldn't feel pressured into commissioning me, but I would still be thankful if you did.

No wait, there's another thing I want to say before I end this journal. I may try to stream tomorrow or the weekend. I'll probably do some ranked matches in Pokkén Tournament.

Ok, that's all. Really! So until next time, see ya!

A regular update


26 January 2017 at 06:09:48 MST

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