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Happy Halloween! by Cyborg-Lucario

Today's Halloween so what do you have planned for today? I am going to have a party with my friends where we play Call of Cthulhu and watch some scary movie/s (unsure if we'll see more than one). Sadly since I didn't have enough money so couldn't I make a cool costume for the occasion, because I would love to dress up as a werewolf or as an animatronic from FNAF (either Foxy, Toy Bonnie, Spring Trap, or Funtime Foxy).

I hope you will have a safe Halloween too and if you're Trick or Treating (which may not be happening due to that stupid clown thing) make sure to go as a group, and even if you think you're too old for it so could it still be a good idea to make sure that younger siblings and other children will go out during the night safely.

And before I leave so do I just want to say that my Halloween sale is not ending today but is continuing until the 7th of November, yes I'm that crazy to keep this sale going, so please don't miss your chance! :iconpussinbootsplz:

Happy Halloween!


31 October 2016 at 01:41:26 MDT

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    Vah!~ Happy Halloween!~ I do hope you have fun with your little event and hanging out with your friends. ^^ Though stinks you don't have the costume and such to do such things. Regardless! Still sounds pretty fun regardless!

    As for what I'm doing? Well... doctor's visit today! Ah well.. Other than that? I might just do my usual roleplaying things with people that feels like they're up for stuff like that!