A poll and in need of commissions by Cyborg-Lucario

How many of you are aware that I have a let's play of Fire Emblem on my Youtube channel?

It's so that I'm close to finishing it and has therefor made a poll to let you all decide which game I will do a let's play of next. Because I can't decide which one I want to do the most. XD

For those reluctant to click the link, so can I assure you that it's nothing bad. :P
The games that I'm having on my poll are as follow; Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong 64, Grim Fandango Remastered, and LEGO City Undercover.
I have played all those games previously, except for Grim Fandango. So if that games win, then it will be a blind let's play of it (because that seems to be the most interesting kind of let's plays).

In other news, I'm once again in need of money and therefore asks if you would like to commission me. Ok, I may not be working on it immediately since I'm right now working on a picture at the moment, but it will be done today. (But you may not see the finished piece today since I will be posting it on Patreon first (and no, I won't post commissions or art-trades on Patreon))

Pricesheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16759554/

Requests: CLOSED
Art-trades: OPEN
Commissions: OPEN

A poll and in need of commissions


8 August 2015 at 06:10:24 MDT

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