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D&December sale 2018 and other stuffs by Cyborg-Lucario

It's December again which means it's time for D&December, a good time to draw art works inspired by Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder, Ironclaw or other fantasy RPGs).
Not sure how many I will make considering the current backload of personal art, but I can make sure that there will be some, because I'm having a sale!
That's right, as long as your commission has something to do with Dungeons and Dragons (or fantasy in general, because most fantasy franchises probably have a tabletop RPG) so will you get 50% off from the normal price. That's half what a commission usually costs!

To explain it further so can your character be any race or class from the game or monster even. Maybe you actually play any of those games and want your player character drawn.

For commission prices go here:

Not related to Dungeons and Dragons, but it has some fantasy elements in that the hero uses magic, please visit my Gumroad store and maybe buy Magical Guardian Magus Doe.

If enough people buy it then I will consider making more kinds of comics. It's also a good way to support me while you get a nice comic in return.

I know it may be too early to talk about it (but I'm too excited to not talk about it) but later in February next year so will I be going to Nordic Fuzzcon in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden if you didn't know). I will be there on the main days sharing a room in the second hotel with Ender, CoraDragonHeart, and Dante (I forgot to ask if they got any profiles anywhere) three other furs from different parts of Sweden.
I have gone to conventions before, but I haven't gone to a furry convention and that makes me really excited.
If things goes right so will you see a pretty blue haired jackal there.
...does anyone know of any good fursuit maker that can make me a suit before February?

One more thing! Super Smash Bros Ultimate will come out on December 7th, which is really soon (at least at the time I'm writing this) and I'm excited to play it. Expect me to stream it that day. ;3

Some may wonder why I decided to have a Dungeons and Dragons themed sale instead of holiday themed? I decided that I wanted to be a little holiday neutral.
Not sure if that's a good reason, but Happy Holiday everyone!

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D&December sale 2018 and other stuffs


2 December 2018 at 05:16:08 MST

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