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Commissions and adoptables by Cyborg-Lucario

I just want to once again remind everyone that I'm still accepting commissions so don't be afraid to send me a private message about it.

Check out the prices and other info about my commissions here if you want to be really sure about commissioning me:

And on to adoptables, yes I have decided to put some of my old characters I no longer use up for adoption. I have two of them up so far, and I may put more for adoption or even create ones specifically to be adoptables. Of course, I want to know if you, my dear watchers would be interested in that.

Characters up for adoption:

If you want to support me in other ways so can you buy my comics:

Or support me on Patreon:

Maybe buy me a Ko-fi:

Or if you're on Furaffinity so can you give me some shinies.
Hey, it's up to you how you will do it, but do keep in mind that I still appreciate you even if you just like my art because that's also important.

Commissions and adoptables


31 January 2020 at 04:48:26 MST

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