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It's about time I get a new computer by Cyborg-Lucario

I played Overwatch recently and after two game where I lost so did I in the next game do good. In fact, really good. And just as my team was close to finish so did my old stupid computer decide that "duhuh, I'm a piece of crap who can't handle this game at medium settings. I'm just gonna restart myself so I won't explode. Durrr!"
Seriously computer, heck you. >.<

Did I say my computer is old? I have had the same computer for five years (almost six), so I think it might be time for a new and much better one. A computer that won't have any trouble playing games at the highest settings (at least current ones). A new computer may also make my 'jobs' easier, so there's that too. (I may not have to worry about any crashes if I stream either)

So yeah, that will be my main priority to save for a new computer. Commissions will help out a lot too. I mean, it might take a long time (it might even take a year or more before I can get one) but it should be worth it.
Though luckily so don't I have to buy a new computer screen as I already bought my latest and current one last year.

Send me a note if you would like to commission me. :)

With that out of the way so can I also mention that I got a Nintendo Switch last week, and I apparently miscalculated how much I needed to pay (partly because I forgot I already paid a bit for it and Zelda when I preordered them), so it turned out I could also afford a second game. In this case Super Bomberman R.
But I forgot to get a screen protector and a carrying bag for the Switch. I guess that'll have to wait until next time I get money. ^^;

How are you all doing lately? :3

It's about time I get a new computer


10 March 2017 at 06:03:13 MST

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