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A possible idea? by Cyborg-Lucario

I noticed that I had an unfinished Metroid fanfiction over at I don’t know why I didn’t finish it. Maybe I lost interest while writing chapter two, or I felt more focused on Poké Rangers: Poké Power. Which was a kind of a crossover between Pokémon and Power Rangers/Super Sentai.

For those wondering, so was there a community of fanfic writers who wrote stories based on Pokémon and Power Rangers/Super Sentai with some being based on actual seasons (of course with original characters) while others were more loosely based on PR/SS seasons and others actually being original.
One of those original ideas was by me, and which I thought was a good story mostly because I tried to make it more focused on having actual Pokémon in it (something that others, even me sometimes, seems to forget), and even have the blue Ranger be a Pokémorph.

What was that? Oh right, the Metroid fanfiction. Well, I have been wondering if I should rewrite it and possibly make it a book and seek a publisher who can get the license from Nintendo to publish the book.

That is if I wasn’t busy making let’s plays, drawing comic pages, scripting reviews and drawing in general.

But it would be fun making a book based on the Metroid universe. Because who doesn’t like some expanded universe?

Sees that people are still whiny about Federation Force Oh...

A possible idea?


10 March 2016 at 03:19:27 MST

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