Why I haven't done any tributes by Cyborg-Lucario

Just watched Did You Know Gaming's video on Iwata and not only did it remind me of how we lost a wonderful man, but I also remembered that someone asked me if I would do some kind of tribute for him. And that question was also how I found out that he passed away.

I also saw a video by Marzgurl yesterday where she talked about Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical and his FamiKamen Rider form, who was gaming based, and how he would have probably been happy that the current Kamen Rider show is gaming based.

And let's not forget all the wonderful celebrities and other good people who passed away lately.

I didn't make any tributes to anyone because quite frankly (I know it may sound bad) so am I not that good of an artist to properly pull out my emotions and what I felt for all of them. Yes that's my reason, I can't make proper respectful tributes to people.
Though I did make a one off LP of Omikron: The Soul Nomad in honour of David Bowie, because he worked on the game and also starred in it. But I think SquareEnix did a better job of honouring him by giving out the game for free.

So while I don't make any tributes so do I still miss all those people a lot, and it feels like the world can only get worse sometimes.
Until next time, see ya! ;_;

Why I haven't done any tributes


15 October 2016 at 16:48:06 MDT

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