A big announcement! by Cyborg-Lucario

On my birthday so am I going to be live streaming Metroid Prime on the MP Collection on Wii U. That's right, I'm going to play through the whole game and try to beat it as fast as possible.

The date will be on the 1st of May (my birthday) 8:00pm CEST and I will be streaming it on Twitch. So please don't miss it out. ;)

There may be a possibility that I may stream some other games after I have finished Metroid Prime, but it's a very small chance considering from what I heard of how long that game is. :P
Also, during this stream so will I be accepting donations that will go to charity. Which one you might ask? I haven't really decided yet.
But hopefully I will know the day after my birthday.

I will also try my best to interact with everyone who does visit my stream and chat.

A big announcement!


13 April 2016 at 05:27:06 MDT

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