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My Halloween sale may have ended, but I'm still open for commissions 24/7. Even though I also accept point commissions at times so am I more willing to accept paypal commissions because I think I got enough points at the moment.

There won't be another sale this year like I said in a previous journal due to people having to spend money on holiday gifts.

I would like to talk more, but according to my poll so are 60% (12 users) only reading journals sometimes, which is understandable. I mean there's something called time after all.
And even though I did put that as an answer so did it hurt a bit that 3 users say that they don't read journals. I know that the two other choices outweigh them, but it's still kind of depressing when you make something that gets ignored by people. Feels like I wasted my time.

I could just make a drawing that clearly tells people that I'm always open for commissions. Though I don't want it to be pushed in the face of people. ^^;

Oh yeah, I'm always open for art trades too, but I have to think you're good enough to trade with. Sorry to sound like a diva here, but I'm just telling the truth here.

On a more positive note so have I beaten Super Mario Odyssey, but I haven't completed it yet. It's a really good game, and can't believe that Nintendo released two great and wonderful games just during the Switch's first year (the other being Breath of the Wild).
And next week is Sonic Forces. I like Sonic Mania, so I'm really hoping for Forces to be good. ^^

How are you all doing my friends? :3

I guess this is a journal entry


3 November 2017 at 08:37:13 MDT

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