Animal Crossing New Horizon by Cyborg-Lucario

Wow, I forgot to make a new journal earlier this month (or status because that's what PostyBirb is doing for dA instead of making a journal entry), and that's not good so let me tell you all that I currently am doing alright and I'm not sick.

But I would certainly get away from the current disease going around. It may not be as dangerous as ebola from what I have read, but it's still good to take precautions to not get sick.
Just don't go and hoard toiletpapers, because you probably don't need to be quarantined/isolated for as long as you think you need.
Besides, having enough food is more important.

Due to that so do I really wish I actually could spend my time in the world of Animal Crossing, which is mostly on my mind because it's coming out this upcoming Friday!
Yes, I'm excited for it and I will even stream it on that day at 8:00pm CET.
Aside from Wild World and the N64 original so do I have all the Animal Crossing titles (yes, I even have Amiibo Party, which I got for a cheap price).
So I hope you will join me as I move in to a new island courtesy of my husbando Tom Nook.
I know I'm looking forward to it, and the fact that you can change the island to your whim, like digging up a bigger lake, is a really cool addition.

You can find the stream here:

Of course, today (Monday) so will I be streaming something else. What is it?
That will be a surprise!

After I have finished Friday's stream so will I find the time to play Animal Crossing at least once per day (which shouldn't be hard to do).

Other than that so do I have no other news. I guess you can commission me if you want, or buy my comics. Maybe buy my merch at Redbubble?

Comics on my Gumroad store:
My merch on Redbubble:

I wish you all well and hope that you either don't get sick or panic. Just relax, wash yourself properly and play Animal Crossing: New Horizon (or Doom Eternal since it's coming out on the same date).

Animal Crossing New Horizon


16 March 2020 at 07:59:45 MDT

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