Some new exciting projects! by Cyborg-Lucario

For anyone who wonders why I'm slow with uploads, it's because I'm writing a book.
That's right, a book. What's it about? You remember that tabletop RPG game I tried to make?

Maybe you don't, especially any of my new followers.

To get myself short so did I decide to put the meta story of that game into a book since I have been sitting with it for a while.

This will also mean that I will be making new drawings for it, some of those will be in the book itself.
This means that other drawings will have to be on the sideline until I finish this book and get it to a publisher.

I'm also making a new video that will be up on Youtube, though this one's not about my book (but it will have something to do with tabletop RPGs), so that's even more work on my platter.
I hope I will be successful with these projects of mine.

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Some new exciting projects!


7 July 2019 at 05:21:30 MDT

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