It's February by Cyborg-Lucario

It's February, and that means movies like Deadpool and Zootopia (Zootropolis as its called in some parts of Europe), so yeah February at least has two movies being premiered that's interesting (and I like the fact that we Europeans finally get a Disney movie before the Americans. :P ), unlike last month which had no interesting movies.

Yes, I will try to watch both of those movies.

Another thing is that I finally got Sonic The Hedgehog and Mega Man: Worlds Collide The Complete Epic comic (geez, what a long title) after six month after I ordered it! But I noticed something when I looked at the spine.

Stupid postal office having to ruin such a good comic book. >.<
I hope the comic itself will be good after all the praise I have heard of it.

And I just like to remind you all that I'm selling some characters I did. So take your chance and get a new character of your own, and hopefully take better care of them than I did:

I'm also open for commissions if you didn't know. ;)

It's February


3 February 2016 at 06:14:22 MST

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