June, the month of E3 and some other stuff by Cyborg-Lucario

It's been a while since I made a new journal. The reason why I haven't made another one in a while is because I'm afraid I will only repeat myself.

Anything that's new? I just finished the last page of my Patreon comic over at (where else?) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/19173185
It will become available to the rest of the world a month later. You can go and support me over there if you want. It will help me out with artwork and videos.

The new Pokémon games was announced a few days ago. The only thing I have to say about it is that it's probably nice that the casuals gets a game to introduce them. And that Gamefreak is using it as a stepping stone for the REAL Pokémon game for the fans on Switch.

The beta for Gold and Silver was leaked too after all these years. I knew about videos talking about the beta demo that was shown at Spaceworld, but having so much more information now is just amazing.
If you haven't seen it, then here's the beta Pokémon: https://twitter.com/Seanbo124/status/1002104996685430784

Someone made the demo fully playable and I'm actually gonna stream it tomorrow at 20:00pm over at Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cyborg_lucario

E3 starts next week, but unfortunately so will I be out of town on a family vacation on the first day of it. Maybe it's not so unfortunate as the first conference is EA, and this clip basically describes their conferences.

Luckily so will I be home in time for Microsoft's conference. Though I still need to find someone to take care of my cat while I'm gone.

Something else? I don't know, it would still be nice to get commissioned (either by Paypal or dA points).

More art-trades would be nice too. I really need to ask more people about it, because it's fun.

Oh and I'm almost done with the script for issue two of Magus Doe, then I can start drawing the pages. You can still buy the first issue over at E-Junkie: https://cyborg-lucario.e-junkie.com/
It would really help me out if you bought my comics, but it also helps if you tell me what you think of it too.

So, now I don't think I got anything more to say. How are you all doing btw?

June, the month of E3 and some other stuff


1 June 2018 at 07:36:50 MDT

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